10 Years Factory Air circuit breaker-FTW2 to Barbados Importers


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Quality comes first; service is foremost; business is cooperation" is our business philosophy which is constantly observed and pursued by our company for 10 Years Factory Air circuit breaker-FTW2 to Barbados Importers, Our aim is "blazing new ground, Passing Value", in the future, we sincerely invite you to grow up with us and make a bright future together!


Model: Rated voltage (V): Rated insulation voltage/Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): Installation(poles): Frame size rated current(A) Rated current(A) Rated breaking Capacity(KA): Rated short-time withstand current Operating performance
Rated Ultimate Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Power on(times) Power off(times)
400V 400V 400V
 FTW2-1600  AC400  690/12000  withdrawable type,stationary type(3 poles,4poles)  1600  200,400,630, 800, 1000  55  42  42  10000  5000
 1250,1600  5000
 FTW2-2000  2000  630,800,1000  80  80  65  10000  6000
 1250,1600,2000  5000

How to Make a Simple 12 V, 1 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS Circuit-
Today power supplies are much compact, smaller and efficient with their functioning. Here we discuss one outstanding switch mode power supply circuit which can be easily built at home for deriving clean, ripple free 12 V DC.
The circuit diagram is very easy to understand, let’s study it with the following points:

Looking at the figure we can easily see that the configuration does not involve too many stages or parts.

The input mains AC, as usual is first rectified using ordinary 1N4007 diodes which is fixed in the bridge network mode.

The rectified high voltage DC is filtered using the high voltage capacitor.

The next stage is the crucial one which incorporates the outstanding chip VIPer 22A manufactured by ST Microelectronics.

The IC alone functions as the oscillator and induces a frequency of around 100 KHz into the primary winding of the ferrite E core transformer.

The IC is absolutely rugged and is internally protected from sudden voltage in rush and other voltage related component hazards.

The IC also incorporates built in over heat protection which makes the IC virtually indestructible.
The voltage induced at the input is effectively stepped down at the output winding, due to low eddy current losses, about 1 amp current becomes available from a relatively tiny ferrite transformer.

With the coil specs shown the voltage is around 12 and the current is around 1amp

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This is a question that in the beginning was confusing but with a little research it all makes sense now…. Most common wires for AC and DC applications are rated at 600v which means they can handle up to 600v. You can use them in 12v systems and 240v systems but the size matters. The other way wires are rated at is in gauges better seen as AWG . This AWG is the most important number you will need to know becus it will tell you how many amps that wire will hold. for example if you have a 14 awg wire regardless of the volts you are using you can only run up to 15amps in that wire.
Bigger is better it does reduce loss but if you go to big your connections become difficult to work becus of the size of components.

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