12 Years Factory wholesale Air Circuit Breaker-FTW1 for venezuela Factories


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An introduction to the old style of ignition system that came before the new electronic ignitions. Sorry it is a bit out of focus. Breaker points type ignition is pretty simple, and reliable, the main thing is to keep the points clean, and have their gap set correctly. The points are the switch that cuts the flow of electricity created by the moving magnets of the flywheel. The sudden cutting of the current causes the magnetic field to collapse in the coil, which induces a current into the high voltage side of the coil, leading to the spark plug. The condensor helps this to take place, so there won’t be any spark if the condensor isn’t storing a charge correctly. 2 advantages of using a points type ignition: it will fire the spark plug at a fairly low speed, and sometimes it can put out very high voltage, I have see a Briggs coil make a spark jump 3/4″ or more!!!! when spinning the flywheel by hand. Ouch!

Voltex switchboards are moulded from high quality fire resistant plastics, and are available from 4 way to 36 way. All our switchboards can incorporate our complete line of circuit breakers depending on your job requirements.
Includes earth and neutral bars.
Includes galvanised metal safety plate for fixing to base to comply with AS/NZS3000.Please affix firmly to side of switchboard where cable enters/exits


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