12 Years Manufacturer Air Circuit Breaker-FTW1 for Uruguay Manufacturer


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This is my new Ecosmart 11 on demand hot water heater installation. by going all electric I was able to save almost $10 per month on facilities charges by eliminating my natural gas meter. This heater is supposed to be about 60% more efficient than traditional water heaters. Your only heating water when your using it. This model only needs one 60 Amp breaker. I am using it as a whole house heater but would recommend you go up to the next higher model if you have 200 Amp service in your home. I have the desuper heater on my Geothermal furnace to boost temp in the old water heater tank that I use as a reservoir to preheat the city water to be able to use this heater. Otherwise I would need a bigger heater. The next one up is not that much more expensive. The only thing I’ve noticed bad about this model is if you want take a bath you have to only turn the faucet on half way to fill the tub or it will not keep up. Showers are fine though. Correct way to set the water temp on the unit is to turn it up as hot as you like your shower ( I usually set mine at 105 degrees F ) then Turn the hot water on wide open . You don’t use any cold water from the cold faucet. It does take a minute for the water to be hot at the faucet if you have it installed some distance away. I am 30 feet away. There are some things to get used to that are different from a tank heater but they are minor in my opinion. Read reviews online before deciding which model is right for your situation. Ecosmart has good info on their website.

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