12 Years manufacturer FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances for Ukraine Importers


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In the past few years, our company absorbed and digested advanced technologies both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our company staffs a team of experts devoted to the development of 12 Years manufacturer FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances for Ukraine Importers, With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and good service, we will be your best business partner. We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!


FTX30 modular terminal combination of electrical is suitable for the power supply system end with rated voltage 30V (or 400V), rated current ≤ 240A, each short-circuit protection of the rated current ≤100A, for the protection of power distribution, overload, short circuit and it passed CCC certificate.


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    IG023 Intelligent Wireless System to Monitoring Mechanical Fault in Power Transmission Lines
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    IG025 Load Distribution Strategy Considering the Economy of Parallel Transformers
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    IG027 Advanced Digital Smart Meter for Dynamic Billing, Tamper Detection and Consumer Awareness
    IG028 An Improved Method for Protection of Three Phase Induction Motor using Microcontroller
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    IG030 Design Real Time Battery Monitoring System
    IG031 Development of a New Modeling Circuit for the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with GSM Communication
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    IG033 Transmission line Fault Current Limitation Using Thyristor Based Devices
    IG034 Wireless Power Transmission for House Appliances
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    IG036 Intelligent Control of On-Load Tap Changing Transformer
    IG037 Harmonic and Neutral to Ground Voltage Reduction Using Isolation Transformer
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