13 Years manufacturer Miniature Circuit Breaker FTB2-63 Export to Sri Lanka


Technical data

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Tripping characteristic

Exterior and dimensions

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All we do is always associated with our tenet " Customer first, Trust first, devoting on the food packaging and environmental protection for 13 Years manufacturer Miniature Circuit Breaker FTB2-63 Export to Sri Lanka, We, with great passion and faithfulness, are willing to provide you with perfect services and striding forward with you to create a bright future.

Product illustration


Technical Data

Model FTB2-63 Miniature circuit-breaker
Number of poles IP 2P 3P 4P
Rated frequency: AC 50/60Hz
Rated voltage (V) AC 230/400
Rated current (A) C


1,2,3,4, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63


Rated breaking capacity(KA) 6.5
Mechanical & electrical life: 20,000 operations
Protection rating IP20
Installation On DIN rail 35mm according to JB6525
Connection capacity: Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm2 , Cross-section of busbar from 0.8- 2mm2,reversibility of connections
Tightening torque 2 Nm
Ambient temperature ( C) -5 C ~ +40 C
Altitude (m) ≤2000m
Relative air humidity no more than 95%
Pollution degree
Installation condition Used in place without obvious shock and vibration
Weight (g) 102 208 308 408

Product Feature

- These circuit breakers are intended for the protection of circuits against overloads and short circuits in residential, commercial and industrial premises;

- It covers the rating range from 6 to 63A with a uniform breaking capacity of 6.5 kA throughout;

- Current-limiting scheme: in the event of a short circuit, are able to limit the let-through current to 60%-70%  of the rated current;

- The arc extinguishing system: allows the short-circuit currents of very high value to be interrupted extremely rapidly, the remarkable opening speed of contacts opening and the structure of the arcing chamber contribute to extinguishing the arc in the shortest possible time;

-The sensitivity and reliability of the trip mechanism ensures perfect closure every time,thereby considerably improving the performance of these devices and extending their average lifetime;

- The internal contact position allows an exact information of the circuit-breaker status:“green”, open contacts;“red”, closed contacts,independently of the toggle position;

- Sealing/locking sealable with 1 mm wire , to prevent unwanted  tripping;

- The supply lines of the protected circuit can be connected to either the upper or lower terminals of the circuit-breakers(reversibility of connections). The double terminal of these circuit-breakers enables simultaneous connection of cables and busbars.


Tripping characteristic

qrgadg qweq

Exterior and dimensions



Number of poles 1P 2P 3P 4P
a 80±0.8
b 74.2±0.8 75.7±0.8
c 17.8±0.5 35.6±0.8 53.4±0.8 71.2±0.8
d 44±0.8
e 68.7±0.8 70.2±0.8
f 45±0.8
g 35.5±0.8


Please refer to below table for the connection of wires with a cross section area

Rated current In(A) Nominal cross section area of copper wire(mm2 )
1~6 1
10 1.5
16,20 2.5
25 4
32 6
40,50 10
63 16

1200 watt generator 2 cycle from Menards.
“deluxe” model with 12vdc and 120vac.

There is no filtering in the 12vdc, just a full wave bridge rectifier.
use with caution on digital equipment.

Technically, the electric half is an alternator, not a generator. There are no brushes like a generator would have.

Identifiably the same as the Chicago Electric models from Harbor Freight.
It worked about 15 to 20 hours total use over 4 years.
Latest use was running a 120vac 6 amp sump pump (720 watts) during the latest power outage after a storm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when the alternator windings failed.
Previous uses were for a coffee maker (2x couple hours) or Christmas lights during a parade (2x 3 hours) and some minor short term runs.
This generator is rated at 800 continuous watts. I guess a 10% margin wasn’t enough. 720 watts didn’t trip the circuit breaker but fried the windings.
After I made this video, I pulled the bottom of the alternator off. The varnished copper windings had some discoloration to them. Not the same color throughout.
I could not get the armature free from the engine crank shaft so I stopped there and reassembled it. I did shoot a bit of wd-40 where the 2 shafts meet. Perhaps it will release later on.

I did see the engine manufacture in the casting “Hangyun 63cm^2″

There is an 1-800 number for service. Since this is about 4 years old, any warranty would be long expired. I would guess any repairs would cost much more than the $89 purchase price. I would say these cheap generators have to be considered disposable, not repairable. If you want reliable, buy a Honda for 10x the price.

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