14 Years Factory XJM7-W Measuring Box (Outdoor Energy Measuring Box) to United States Importers


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In order to best meet client's needs, all of our operations are strictly performed in line with our motto " High Quality, Competitive Price, Fast Service " for 14 Years Factory XJM7-W Measuring Box (Outdoor Energy Measuring Box) to United States Importers, we are looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more detail


XJM7-K measuring cabinet (outdoor street lamp measurement control box) is suitable in power supply line with AC 50HZ, rated insulation voltage 660V, rated voltage 380/220v, as energy measurement equipment of residential quarters, villas energy measurement etc.

In line with GB7251.1-1997 and GB7251.3-1997 standards.

3C certificate:


Eaton (Moeller) Hauptschalterbausatz für NZM3 rot NZM3-XHBR
Hauptschalterbausatz für NZM3 rot NZM3-XHBR Abschließbar, Farbe rot, Geeignet für NOT-AUS, Mit Achse, Geeignet für Leistungsschalter, Geeignet für Lasttrennschalter, Hauptschalterbausatz rot, für Schalterbaugröße 3


Eaton (Moeller) Handle for power circuit breaker red NZM3-XHBR
Handle for power circuit breaker red Lockable, Colour Red, Suitable for emergency stop, With shaft, Suitable for power circuit breaker, Suitable for switch disconnector,

Herstellerbestellnummer / Manufacturer SKU: 266634
EAN: 4015082666347
Bausatz, Bedienelement, Betätigungsvorsatz, Griff, Handgriff, Hauptschalterbausatz, Leistungsschalter, Standarddrehgriff, Türgriff

Shatter test has been performed on live tank circuit breakers to compare the failure mode of pressurized porcelain and composite insulators. In the event of an internal fault/ inner over pressure or external influence/ vandalism a porcelain insulator will show a violent failure (explosion) with dangerous fragments dashed around at high speed. The failure mode of a composite insulator is delamination/ puncture without launching of destructive fragments. There is no damage of surrounding equipment and no danger for persons in the vicinity. This gives maximum safety for both personnel and substation. More and more utilities now only specify use of composite insulators on the substation equipment for the reason of safety for personnel working in the substations.

ABB produces hollow composite insulators by extruding silicone rubber sheds on to a composite tube using a patented helical extrusion process. These well-established manufacturing practices and improved material properties ensure reliable service over the life of ones electrical apparatus. ABB Composite Insulators with silicone rubber sheds offer many advantages over traditional ceramics: Improved safety for personnel and equipment, superior pollution performance due to hydrophobic surface condition, excellent seismic performance, low weight, short delivery times and flexible design.

ABB Composite Insulators are normally used in: Circuit breakers, bushings, instrument transformers and cable terminations. ABB is currently providing hollow composite insulators in the voltage range from 72 kV – 1100 kV AC / 800 kV DC and in lengths up to 11 m. All composite insulators are tested and certified according to IEC 61462.
Read more about composite insulators from ABB: http://www.abb.com/composites

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