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Model:   FTB10LE
Poles: 1P+N
Rated current (A): 6,10,16,20,25,32,40
Rated frequency(Hz): 50
Rated operational voltage(V): 230
Breaking Capacity:Ics(KA) 4.5
Rated residual operating current:A/AC: 30
Breaking time:A/AC: 15
Breaking Time ms : I△=I△n ≤100
I△=5I△n ≤40
Mechanical and electrical life: 10000
Conventional non-tripping current:   t≤1h
Conventional tripping current: t≤1h
 Instantaneous tripping types: C
 Instantaneous non-tripping current: 5In
 Instantaneous tripping current: 10In
Connecting Wire: 1/25
Size(L×W×H)mm:   74.2×36×80

NOTICE: replicate this experiment can be very dangerous, only by people with knowledge of electricity.
This charger made ​​at home is very reliable in charge, it provides stable current to charge for all the time. When a battery provides stable current, it increases the power outlet. This power supply is simple to implement, it can be done in a few minutes..

* Only disadvantage: the terminals of the battery are in contact with the mains voltage, be careful when connecting!

** The current supplied by the battery charger with a 100 W light bulb 220 V is approximately 0.320 mA. By inserting in parallel other bulbs you can change the current charge.

*** For over 80 years this way of charging is known. This video is just a simple
demonstration of a different way to recharge, but it is not to be taken into consideration, it can not eliminate the traditional battery chargers..

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If your Pentair Intellichlor IC40 or IC20 goes blank on you (no power) chances are it is just a blown fuse in the power unit. It is a very easy fix. All the salt systems have a fuse somewhere, the Intellichlor seem to blow more often then the other brands. I cover a possible cause of the fuse blowing at the end of the video.

Basically all you will need for this job is a screwdriver and the new fuse. It is pretty simple to do.

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