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Body switch FTB2-63 MCB Series
Rated voltage (V): AC 400(4P/3P); AC 230V(2P)/50HZ
Rated insulation voltage: 440
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 4
Rated breaking Capacity: 6.5
Mechanical and electrical life: electric 6000
Machinery 10000
Operating position: Normally on,backup on,Normal and backup off
Operating transfer time: ≤1.5
Electrical class: CB
Usage category: AC-33iB
Controller functions:
switch automaticly in condition of phase loss, pressure loss ,undervoltage and other power failure,
automatic change and automatic recovery ,automatic change and non automatic recovery,fire fighting
joint control, Manual/automatic adjustion,power/power on/tripping indication,fault alarm
Controller Operating Voltage: AC230V/50Hz
Undervoltage conversion value: AC175V(±5)
Undervoltage  return value: AC190V(±5)
Conversion Delay(normal to backup): 0S-60S adjustable,factory default setting:5S
Return Delay(normal to backup: 0S-60S adjustable,factory default setting:5S
Size(L×W×H)mm: 248 × 125×121

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