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Model FTB3 high breaking capacity MCB
Number of poles 1P 2P 3P 4P
Rated frequency: AC 50/60Hz
Rated voltage (V) AC 230/400
Rated current (A)      C 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63
     D 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
Breaking 40-63A 10
capacity(KA) 6-32A 12
Mechanical and electrical life:                                    20,000 operation
Protection rating:                                           IP20
Installation On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm /Panel Mounting
Connection capacity:                                                                                                  Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm², Cross-section of busbar from 0.8-2mm²,
reversibility of connections
Ambient temperature (°C)                                          -5 - +45  °C
Altitude (m) not higher than 2000m
Relative air humidity no more than 95%
Pollution degree
Weight (g) 116 234 352 472

Version 2 of my previous capacitor charger.
·Dual board makes it safer, with HV on top and LV at the bottom.
·More solid and easy to handle safely
·Hysteresis avoids excessive switching once charged
·Faster charge

In this version the transformer has been substituted by a big inductor, and the MOSFET by a high voltage NPN power transistor, an hysteresis loop has been added, this makes the circuit to shut down for a longer time when the voltage has been reached, instead of switching on and off due being constantly around the threshold.

How does it works?
This circuit has a 555 timer, which drives a push-pull circuit in order to drive the big power transistor, the first potentiometer controls the frequency of the 555, fluctuations in the current though the coil cause voltage spikes, which are rectified and sent into the capacitors by a single diode, this charges the capacitor.
An OP amp controls the charge, the OP amp compares the voltage at the capacitors thanks to a voltage divider with the reference voltage, set by the second potentiometer, this potentiometer controls the voltage limit, the limit can be set with around 0.5 to 1 volt of deviation. The maximum voltage is 400 volts, although it works best with capacitors from 100 to 300 volts.
The third potentiometer controls the hysteresis, when the hysteresis is high, the reference voltage drops by a significant amount when the capacitors are fully charged, this avoids the charger to start again until some seconds have passed and the voltage has dropped a bit, if the hysteresis is low the capacitors will be charged even with the smallest voltage drop, which can cause the circuit to run hot if left with the capacitors already charged.
The whole circuit uses around 12 volts 1-1.5 amps.

Previous version:

Since many people have asked for the schematic I redid the circuit, since the original files were accidentally destroyed, here’s the schematic with some annotations.


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Students will be provided with complete working hardware kit and other related documentation.

We develop customised projects as per your requirements.

We are specialised in developing IoT based industrial projects usinng various sensor like Temperature, Humidity, light, water level, moisture, pressure, fire, flame sensor, air pollution, gas sensors like MQ-02,MQ-03,MQ-06 etc. Alcohol sensrs, LPG gas, LDR sensor, current CT sensor, voltage sensor for solar panels, IR (infrared) sensors, Laser light sensors, Magnetic sensors like hall effect, read switch etc, tilt sensor, sound sensor, heart rate sensor, blood pressure sensor, body temperature sensor, rain water sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor, Thermisters, PIR sensor, MEMS accelerometer sensor, Digital compass, positional sensor, Direction sensors, RTC, EEPROM, iButton reader, piezo sensors, wireless power, Load cell, weight sensors, flex sensors, Flow sensors, Resistive touch screen, APR voice module, Eye blink sensor, DHT11, LM35, Speech recognition, mp3 player, Barcode reader, color sensor, Capacitive touch sensor, energy meter, Matrix keypad, SD card reader, Tachometer (speed sensor), Nextion displays, Fuel sensors, Vibration sensor, LiFi.

Motors we work with:
DC Motor, PMDC motors, Servo Motor, AC Motor, Series motor, Universal motors, stepper motors, geared motors, brush less motors.

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GSM Modem, GPS Receiver, IoT esp8266, RFID readers (Active and Passive), Zigbee, Bluetooth receivers, WiFi transceivers, RS232 communication, RS485, CAN communication, RF Transceiver, RF 433MHz, PLCC (Power line Carrier Communication), barcode reader, finger print reader, smart card reader, USB communication, PS2 communication, DTMF, Ethernet communication,

We work with PIC Microcontrollers (8bit, 16bit, 32 bit), MSP430, PIC 12F, PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC24F, PIC32F series, STM32, Arduino (Pro mini, Nano, Uno etc), AVR, ATMEGA, esp8266, 8051, 80S52, ARM, LPC2148, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi(Lite,One,Plus etc), Nodemcu, Wemo etc.

WE develop following Hardware(sensors) accessing mechanisms:
Android apps, PC based applications, Web development with IoT, TCP sockets, UDP, http, remote file systems and data loggers.

Domains we work with:
Security, SCADA, wireless, protection, data loggers, control systems, telecommunications, education, transport, agricultural, industrial, building autommation, home automation, access control, IoT with Android apps, solar, non-conventional power generation, medical, Robotics, advertisement displays (scrolling led sign board, P10 displays, 50-50 led sign board, pixel programmable led sign board,

Displays we work with:
Nokia 5110, Propeller display, 16×2 LCD displays, 20×4 displays, scrolling led displays, 128×64 graphical displays, oled (spi,i2c), TFT displays, seven segment displays,

Power electronics and Switching devices:
MOSFET, Transistor, Power Transistor, IGBT, SCR, TRIAC, Relays etc.

We also develop IEEE projects like IEEE-2016, IEEE-2017 Student projects along with modifications.

High voltage fuse blown indicator with audible and visual alert on PC

AIM: The purpose of this project is to alert the remote user in case of a fuse in a critical electrical equipment got fused.

Operation: This consists of two electrically isolated power sensors for sensing the presence of electrical power. One of the power sensors is connected before the fuse to be monitored and the other after the fuse. The power status from these sensors is fed to a microcontroller.
Microcontroller continuously monitors the status of these two sensors. If the power status of second sensor is low and the first sensor is high, then the microcontroller identifies this as a break in fuse circuit and sends an appropriate message to a Computer connected to it. If both the sensors output goes low then microcontroller identifies this as power supply failure and sends the appropriate message to the Computer.
Once the data is available with computer, we can use this data to send e-mail to the concern personal about the fault. The storage of power status information in computer also helps in viewing historical data.

The objectives of the project include:
1. Real-time fuse monitoring.
2. Alarming in fuse blown situations.
3. Sending the status of the fuse to PC.

The major building blocks of this project are:
1. Microcontroller based control system with regulated power supply.PIC16F73
2. Two electrically isolated power status sensors.
3. Microcontroller to PC interfacing circuit.
4. Serial data cable for PC connectivity.
5. Visual and audible alerts using buzzer and PC.

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