16 Years Factory FTD (GGD) Low Voltage Fixed Distribution Cabinet Export to Melbourne


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With advanced technologies and facilities, strict quality control, reasonable price, superior service and close co-operation with customers, we are devoted to providing the best value for our customers for 16 Years Factory FTD (GGD) Low Voltage Fixed Distribution Cabinet Export to Melbourne, For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. All inquiries from you will be highly appreciated.


GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet is applicable to power distribution system of power plants, substations, factories, mines etc, with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current(0-3150A), for the energy conversing, distributing and control of the power, lighting and power distribution equipment .

GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet meet the standards of IEC439 “low-voltage switchgear and control equipment,” GB7251.1-2005 “low-voltage switchgear and control equipment” and passed the CQC certificate.

FTD (GGD) Low Voltage Fixed Distribution Cabinet


  • http://www.eibmarkt.com/de/products/Schneider-Electric-FI-Schalter-2P-40A-30mA-Typ-A-A9Z21240.html
    Schneider Electric FI-Schalter 2P 40A 30mA Typ A A9Z21240
    FI-Schalter 2P 40A 30mA Typ A A9Z21240 Polzahl 2, Bemessungsspannung 230V, Bemessungsstrom 40A, Bemessungsfehlerstrom 0,03A, Montageart DIN-Schiene (REG), Fehlerstrom-Typ A, Zusatzeinrichtungen möglich, Breite in Teilungseinheiten 2, Mit Doppel-Anschlussklemme für Stift-Phasenschiene und Kabel, Frontseitige Fehlermeldeanzeige, Vorneliegendes Befestigungselement, für Hilfsschaltermontage linksseitig


    Schneider Electric Residual current breaker 2-p 40/0,03A – A9Z21240
    Residual current breaker 2-p 40/0,03A Number of poles 2, Rated voltage 230V, Rated current 40A, Rated fault current 0,03A, Mounting method DIN-rail (DRA), Leakage current type A, Additional equipment possible, Width in number of modular spacings 2,

    EAN: 3606480443015
    Acti9, FI, FI-Automat, FI-Schalter, FI-Schutzschalter, Fehlerstrom-Schutzeinrichtung, Fehlerstrom-Schutzschalter, RCD, Schutzschalter

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