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Box-type transformer substation is kind of removable pre-installed transformation and distribution device that integrated high-voltage switch, transformer, low-voltage switch as on. It is suitable for mining, industrial enterprises, oil and gas fields, new development zones, construction sites, especially suitable for land-tight urban public power distribution facilities, high-rise building power distribution and transformation, residential quarters, scenic areas, with a advantage of small size, convenient on-site constructing, easy operating, high reliability, good shape and environmental coordination.

Performed by Quey Percussion Duo (Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious) with the University of Minnesota Duluth Graduate Percussion Ensemble (Jordan Holley, Jody Morgan, Doug Quance, and Michael Taylor)

Program Notes

Circuit Breaker, scored for percussion sextet, functions as a concertino for percussion duo with percussion quartet accompaniment. While there is no set program, the impetus for the piece came from images of robots dancing. Initially, I was intrigued by a video of twenty synchronized “Noa” robots dancing in perfect unison, but the aesthetic of the music did not seem to fit the visual image. This posed the question, “What kind of music would a robot dance to?” This question conjured up a variety of ideas and sounds from mechanical and industrial to unusual and whimsical. Circuit Breaker takes the listener through a series of musical scenes that offer a response to this abstract question.

While the concept of the work is somewhat light and humorous, the score itself is both technically and musically demanding, particularly for the soloists. The piece ranges in aesthetic and includes music that is angular, free, motoric, conversational, improvisatory, and of course groove-oriented. Simply put, the piece is full of color and fun!

-Gene Koshinski

Circuit Breaker” was commissioned by:

Angleton High School Percussion Ensemble (Mr. Charles Fricker, project organizer), Alvin Community College (David Griffith & Shane Gormley), Bob Cole Conservatory of Music (Dr. Dave Gerhart), Brazosport College (Richard Birk), CAn-Duo Percussion (Chris Nadeau and Anthony Jackson)w/ Paradox Percussion Project (Brandon Kelly, Rich Bono, Matt Rush, Michael Dooley), Georgetown High School (Cliff Croomes & Jed Leach), John B. Alexander High School (Christopher Lunsford), Quey Percussion Duo (Gene Koshinski & Tim Broscious), Smithson Valley High School Ranger Band (David Stephenson, Dain Vereen & Jeff Yates), University of Delaware (Harvey Price), and West Chester University (Dr. Chris Hanning)

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