2 Years\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ Warranty for FTYB Series Box Type Substation to Factory


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We thinks what customers think, the urgency of urgency to act in the interests of a customer position of principle, allowing for better quality, lower processing costs, prices are more reasonable, won the new and old customers the support and affirmation for 2 Years\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ Warranty for FTYB Series Box Type Substation to Factory, We believe that a passionate, innovative and well-trained team will be able to establish good and mutually beneficial business relationships with you soon. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


Box-type transformer substation is kind of removable pre-installed transformation and distribution device that integrated high-voltage switch, transformer, low-voltage switch as on. It is suitable for mining, industrial enterprises, oil and gas fields, new development zones, construction sites, especially suitable for land-tight urban public power distribution facilities, high-rise building power distribution and transformation, residential quarters, scenic areas, with a advantage of small size, convenient on-site constructing, easy operating, high reliability, good shape and environmental coordination.

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