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The very rich projects management experiences and one to one service model make the high importance of business communication and our easy understanding of your expectations for 20 Years Factory for Gabon Factories, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities. For far more detailed information, please contact us!

  • In this video I replace the DC Jack or power plug (power port) of a Sony Vaio VPCCW23FX laptop.

    Table Of Contents:

    Removal of:

    Battery 0:12
    Hard drive 0:24
    RAM Memory 1:39
    Laptop Case 1:48
    DC Jack 2:44
    Reassembly 2:56

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    Latest Live Gold finds https://youtu.be/plSmKBY_vJo
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    Important:-There is a problem with the circuit used in this video. The round silver transistor top left hand of picture in video (2n2222A) is twisted and so the tag should be facing down not up as in the picture.
    The people who design these pulse induction circuits are the technical elite. Everything I know about the Barracuda legend metal detector is in this video so don’t ask me questions I can’t answer. It is a very good detector circuit for water, salt, and normal ground conditions, – even under water. Not good for Australian Goldfields because I believe the balance is far too slow at compensating for highly variable ground conditions. Yes it will find fishing hooks and such but if there is gold you can bet it will not miss that also, it as it responds to gold items with a very clear and loud signal. But above all enjoy the project.

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