20 Years manufacturer GZD-3 Series DC Screen to Montpellier Manufacturer


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With our leading technology as well as our spirit of innovation,mutual cooperation, benefits and development, we will build a prosperous future together with your esteemed company for 20 Years manufacturer GZD-3 Series DC Screen to Montpellier Manufacturer, With the aim of "compete with good quality and develop with creativity" and the service principle of "take customers' demand as orientation", we will earnestly provide qualified products and good service for domestic and international customers.

GZD-3 series of nickel-cadmium batteries DC panel is the new generation of products created accord to power industry standard “DL / T459-92″,converged the advantages of similar products in China, combined with the actual experience of domestic operating units and applicable to the actual situation in China and abroad.

Pick up your new Fox Body Mustang Ignition Switch here: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products/Mustang-Starter-Ignition-Switch-Install

Brand: 5.0Resto
Part #: LRS-11572A
Fits: Ford Mustang GT, LX, SVT Cobra 5.0L & 2.3L Engines
Years: 1979 (79) – 1980 (80) – 1981 (81) – 1982 (82) – 1983 (83) – 1984 (84) – 1985 (85) – 1986 (86) – 1987 (87) – 1988 (88) – 1989 (89) – 1990 (90) – 1991 (91) – 1992 (92) – 1993 (93)

Broken Fox Mustang ignition switches are a common problem. They cause some very troublesome issues as they start to ware out – won’t start condition, air condition A/C issues or the worst case scenario FIRE. The problems are cased by the crimps that hold the ignition switch together. After years of being in service they get worn out or worse break off.

Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you just how easy it is to remove and replace this all to common problem. Installation can be done in your driveway in less than an hour.

See more about this Fox Body Mustang Restoration project car, Project Blue Collar here: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products/Project-Blue-Collar-Fox-Body-Mustang-Restoration



Dans cette vidéo, vous découvrirez comment monter les contacts auxiliaires OF, SD, SDE, et bobines de déclenchement MX et MN sur un disjoncteur compact et disjoncteur différentiel compact NSX 100 à 630 A de chez Schneider.

Les contacts auxiliaires OF SD SDE portent la même référence, soit la 29450 et la fonction dépend de l’emplacement, voir la vidéo à 0:22

La référence des bobines MN et MX va dépendre se définit avec la de la tension d’alimention du circuit de commande :

24 AC LV429384 LV429404
48 AC LV429385 LV429405
110/130 AC LV429386 LV429406
220/240 AC LV429387 LV429407
380/415 AC LV429388 LV429408


12 DC LV429382 LV429402
24 DC LV429390 LV429410
30 DC LV429391 LV429411
48 DC LV429392 LV429412
60 DC LV429383 LV429403
125 DC LV429393 LV429413
250 DC LV429394 LV429414


Ex : si vous chercher une bobine MX en 230V AC , alors il vous faut la référence LV429387


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