2017 China New Design FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances to Montreal Manufacturer


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We have the most advanced production equipment, experienced and qualified engineers and workers, recognized quality control systems and a friendly professional sales team pre/after-sales support for 2017 China New Design FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances to Montreal Manufacturer, Welcome any inquiry to our company. We will be glad to establish friendly business relationships with you!


FTX30 modular terminal combination of electrical is suitable for the power supply system end with rated voltage 30V (or 400V), rated current ≤ 240A, each short-circuit protection of the rated current ≤100A, for the protection of power distribution, overload, short circuit and it passed CCC certificate.


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Zinsco electrical panels were commonly used in the late 60′s and early to mid 70′s. I do not call these panels defective at first sight, I recommend evaluation by licensed electricians and strong consideration be given for replacement. (safety) Occasionally there are large arc marks inside the panel and/or damaged buss bars, these are obvious defects and addressed as such.
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Many home inspectors have some energy and weatherization knowledge, I have been through the Resnet HERS Rater training and several other smaller training courses. I do have all the blower door and duct blaster equipment to help identify air leakage associated with the building envelope. This series of short videos is intended for home owners and buyers and will address very basic short coming, flaws and defects. Anyone looking for detailed information should visit my website, email me or feel free to call.

I also have a great interest in infrared imaging associated with building science and problem solving. I have an additional business Infrared of Mississippi, LLC that provides many different services in the central Mississippi area, please visit http://irmississippi.com/ for more info.

Central Mississippi Home Inspections, LLC has over 18 years experience and has inspected thousands of houses from new construction to 100+ year old historic homes. We are “Problem Solvers Not Deal Breakers” We are located in Jackson, MS which is located in the central part of the state. We do cover all of the Jackson metro including Madison, Ridgeland, Clinton, Brandon, Flowood, Pearl, Richland, Florence, Canton, Edwards and Raymond.

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ABL Sursum Leitungsschutzschalter 1-p olig, C, 10A, 10kA C10T1
Leitungsschutzschalter 1-p olig, C, 10A, 10kA C10T1 Auslösecharakteristik C, Polzahl (gesamt) 1, Bemessungsstrom 10A, Bemessungsspannung 230V, Bemessungsschaltvermögen nach EN 60898 10kA, Bemessungsschaltvermögen nach IEC 60947-2 10kA, Spannungsart AC, Energiebegrenzungsklasse 3, Frequenz 60Hz, Überspannungskategorie 3, Verschmutzungsgrad 2, Einbautiefe 68mm, Schutzart (IP) IP20,


ABL Sursum Miniature circuit breaker 1-p C10A – C10T1
Miniature circuit breaker 1-p C10A Release characteristic C, Number of poles (total) 1, Rated current 10A, Rated voltage 230V, Rated short-circuit breaking capacity EN 60898 10kA, Rated short-circuit breaking capacity IEC 60947-2 10kA, Voltage type AC, Current limiting class 3, Frequency 60Hz, Over voltage category 3, Pollution degree 2, Built-in depth 68mm, Degree of protection (IP) IP20,

EAN: 4011721067186
Automat, EB-Automat, Einbauautomat, Installationsautomat, LS-Automat, LS-Schalter, Leitungsschutzschalter, MCB, Sicherungsautomat, Verteilereinbaugerät, Überstromschalter, Überstromschutzschalter

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