2017 China New Design FTYB Series Box Type Substation for Czech Factory


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The very rich projects management experiences and one to one service model make the high importance of business communication and our easy understanding of your expectations for 2017 China New Design FTYB Series Box Type Substation for Czech Factory, winning customers' trust is the gold key to our success! If you are interested in our products, please feel free to visit our web site or contact us.


Box-type transformer substation is kind of removable pre-installed transformation and distribution device that integrated high-voltage switch, transformer, low-voltage switch as on. It is suitable for mining, industrial enterprises, oil and gas fields, new development zones, construction sites, especially suitable for land-tight urban public power distribution facilities, high-rise building power distribution and transformation, residential quarters, scenic areas, with a advantage of small size, convenient on-site constructing, easy operating, high reliability, good shape and environmental coordination.

MCCB – BW0 Fuji Electric


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