2017 Good Quality Surge protective devices-SPD to French Manufacturer


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Always customer-oriented, and it's our ultimate target to be not only the most reliable, trustable and honest supplier, but also the partner for our customers for 2017 Good Quality Surge protective devices-SPD to French Manufacturer, winning customers' trust is the gold key to our success! If you are interested in our products, please feel free to visit our web site or contact us.

Poduct Illustration


Product Features

- The Surge protective devices(SPDs), suitable for residential,commercial and industrial appications, are designed to limit transient overvoltage and run-off lightning currents.

- It provides reliable protection from the destructive effects of lightning and switching



- are lightning current arrsters, they can handle and divert high energy from lightning.

-they are necessary when the installation is exposed to direct lightning(for example when the buiding is equipped with external lightning protection system or powered by aerial lines).

Technical Data

Model: Max continuous operationl voltage Uc-(V): Nominal discharge current In(8/20s)(KA): Max. discharge current Imax(8/20μs)(KA): Level of protection Up(KV): Protection category:
FTY-D25 385 10 25 1.5      D
275 10 25 1.2
FTY-D25/NPE 385/255 10 25 1.5/1.2      D
275/255 10 25 1.2
FTY-C40 420 20 40 2      C
385 20 40 1.8
275 20 40 1.5
FTY-C40/NPE 420/255 20 40 2.0/1.5      C
385/255 20 40 1.8/1.5
275/255 20 40 1.5
FTY-B60 420 30 60 2.2 B
385 30 60 2
FTY-B60/NPE      420/255 30 60 2.2/1.5 B
385/255 30 60 2.2/1.5
FTY-80 420 40 80 2.5 B
385 40 80 2.2
FTY-B80/NPE 420/255 40 80   2.5/1.5 B
385/255 40 80   2.5/1.5
FTY-B100 440 50 100 3 B
420 50 100 2.8
FTY-B100/NPE 440/225 50 100 3.0/1.5 B
440/226 50 100 3.0/1.5
  Model Max. continuous operationl voltage Uc-(V) Impulse current Limp(10/ 350MS) Nominal discharge current (8/20MS)  Voltage protection level Follow current interruting rating Ifi  Max. back-up fuse  Response time Stocking and operating temperature
FTY-125 275V/50/60Hz 25KV 20KA ≤1.8KA 17.5KArms 125AgL ≤100ns -40℃-+70℃



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