2017 Latest Design Miniature Circuit Breaker FTB1 to Gambia Manufacturer


Technical data

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Tripping characteristic

Exterior and dimensions

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Product illustration:



 Auxiliary contact Auxiliary contact and alarm contact  Shunt release Shunt release and auxiliary contact  Under voltage release  Over voltage release  Busbar mounting base  Motor-driven operation


Product Features

Under normal condition, the working principle of main thermostic bimetal in FTB1 SMCB is the same to the usual circuit breakers, it is used for overload tripping. when there is a short-circuit on a branch circuit breaker, the magnet core in the main current path would tilt the moving contact away from the fixed contact to break the circuit,thus producing the electric arc, and limiting the short-circuit current effectively.

In the maintime,the short-circuit current flow to the supplementary current path, a selective resistor and a selective bimetal are connected in series of the supplementary curret path, limiting the short-circuit current to a few hundred amps.

When the downstream circuit-breaker has tripped because of a short-circuit, the contact tips reclose automatically through a simple spring-type system,ensuring other unaffected branch circuits continue in operation.If a short-circuit occur between the FTB1 and the downstream circuit-breaker, another bimetal release enables short-time delayed tripping,ensuring the contact tips remain in the open position enabling isolating.


Scope of use

It is primarily used in critical installations,for instance, office buiding, laboratory, theatre, museum, hotel, shopping mall, telecommunication, coal mine and shipping, chemical industry and metallurgy, industrial plants,medical and health care, bank and securities exchange,airport, underground express way, military establishment and similar loads that requires non-interrupted and reliable power supply.

Technical Data

Model FTB1-100
Number of poles  ada
Rated frequency: AC 50(60)Hz
Rated voltage (V) AC 230/400
Rated current (A) 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63,80,100
Breaking capacity  Icn/Ics(KA) LH 15/7.525/12.5
Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV) 6
Tripping characteristic E
Electric arc distance(mm) ≤35
Mechanical life 10,000
Insulation function yes
Pollution degree
Ambient temperature (°C) -5°C ~ +40°C
Altitude (m) Not higher than 2000m
Installation Mounted on DIN rail, busbar adaptor or by screw terminal
Connection capacity: Connection to cables,busbars or terminals
Weight (g) 313      617       932       1241


 Trippping behavior


Test Tripping characteristic Conventional non-tripping current Conventional tripping current Initial status Tripping time
a b E E 1.05In 1.2In Cold statusRight after test 1 ≧2h﹤2h
Test Tripping characteristic Delayed tripping current short-time delayed tripping current Initial status Tripping time
c E 5In   Cold status 0.05s<t<5s(In≦32A)   0.05s<t<10s(In>32A)
d E   6.25In Cold status 0.01s﹤t﹤0.3s

Coordination table

The FTB1 series operates selectively with respect to the combination with MCBs

MCB(B,C characteristic) FTB1(Characteristic E)
In A 20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100
10 T T T T T T T T
16 T T T T T T T
20 T T T T T T
25 T T T T T
32 T T T T
40 T T T
50 T T
63 T

Note: T represents total selectivity



Tripping characteristic

adfa (3)

Exterior and dimensions

adfa (4)

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