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Model: FTM2X-63
Frame size rated current Inm(A): 63
Poles: 3,4
Rated current(A): 10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Rated operational voltage(V): AC380V/400V AC480V/500V AC530V/550V AC660V/690V
Rated insulation voltage(V): AC1000
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 8
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC380V/400V 35
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity 25
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC480V/500V 20
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity(KV) 15
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC530V/550V 20
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity(KV) 15
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC660V/690V 10
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity(KV): 7.5
Operating performance(KV):  Electrical life: 8000
Mechanical life: 20000
Tripping mode(KV): thermomagnetic
Protection category(KV): distribution protection
motor protection
Arcing distance(KV): not more than 50(0)
Isolating function(KV): A
Connection: Front connection plate,rear connection plate,plug-in rear connection plate
Isolating function Yes
Size: L (mm) 130
W(mm) 75/100
H(mm) 90

  • This is a link to a ladder logic diagram of what i wired. http://imgur.com/a/rkH3H

    Thank you for watching. I’m currently enrolled at West Ga Tech and this was part of my Commercial Wiring course. I wired the control wiring to a motor control circuit. The 480 wiring and all the O.C.P.D. (Over Current Protection Device), E.G.C. (Equipment Grounding Conductor), and the wire-ways were prewired by the teacher. Mr.Ward.

    If you have any questions just comment. NOTE: If there is a mistake in the video please alert me.

    I say the phrase “Back to the over current” a few times. I’m referring to the secondary side of the control transformer. Its the 120 VAC for the control side of the circuit.


    O.C.P.D – They can be fuses or Circuit Breakers. They are used to break the circuit in the event of a fault,which is when current leaks to ground. Also the protect against shorts which is when two wires cross unintentionally.

    E.G.C.- These lead faults from bare wire or an unsecured connections back up to your O.C.P.D to trip the fuse or Breaker.

    Motor Starter Coil- This Coil latches from the current flow through it to cause an electromagnet to latch shut. This activates the motor. Then you have another style of protection called an overload.

    Motor Overloads- The protect the coils of the motor from overheating and suffering damaged due to excessive heat.

    Conduit- A path for wires to pass through from a junction to junction or panel box to panel.

    Wire-way- A plastic or metal pathway for wires to travel through to keep things neat and uncluttered.

    Ladder Logic Diagram- A circuit that is drawn out from two wires in a ladder formation. Showing logical how the current would flow from one wire to the other.

    Terminal Block- a device for making it easier to identify which wires.The wires are usually numbered.

    Be neat and be safe!!!

    To purchase, visit:http://www.swgr.com/store/circuit-breakers/molded-case/product/HMCP070M2C,22-10744.aspx

    Stock # 22-10744, CUTLER HAMMER, Circuit Breaker, Catalog No. HMCP070M2C, Frame Amps 70, Trip Amps 70, 3 Poles, 600 Volts,

    Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

    The HMCP070M2C Circuit Breaker has been reconditioned per MIDWEST’s rigorous service procedures based on 30 years experience. The HMCP070M2C circuit breaker has been maintained and refurbished per industry standards and per MIDWEST’s Quality Control Program (QCP). The services include applicable internal and external procedures, repairs, and replacement of deficient components. In addition to standard electrical tests, MIDWEST also performs live function tests on the HMCP070M2C. These services far exceed the routine reconditioning of the HMCP070M2C performed by many circuit breaker vendors and resellers. MIDWEST certifies the HMCP070M2C circuit breaker has passed our QCP before shipping.

    New Surplus Circuit Breakers

    A “New Surplus” Circuit Breaker is a circuit breaker that has never been installed, but is not “New from the Factory” or “New from the Manufacturer or Distributor” of the HMCP070M2C circuit breaker. It may be referred to as New in the Box, New Surplus, Never Installed, Never Energized, or other such term that avoids the label “New from the Manufacturer.” A New Surplus HMCP070M2C circuit breaker should not be considered new from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s Distributor. Surplus and New Surplus HMCP070M2C circuit breakers must pass MIDWEST’s (QCP) Quality Control Program.

    MIDWEST Electrical Testing & Maintenance Co., Inc.
    5141 North 35th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209

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