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DC Hipots can be used for the following testing applications: cable, transformers, electrical switchgear, terminations, motors generators and other electrical apparatus.

Today we’re going to take you behind-the-scenes to do a live test with our 800PL series Portable DC Hipot Testers. Here at HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS we always stress the importance of safety. So be sure to check with your own company’s guidelines for personal protective equipment.

This unit is our 880PL DC Hipot tester. It’s capable of putting out 80kV at 10mA. Other models in the 800 series follow a similar testing procedure, but today I’m demonstrate testing on a 15kV-rated URD cable.

While the power is off, connect ac power supply to the unit and 120V/60Hz power strip. Also, connect high voltage, ground, and return leads. Then connect the other ends of your leads back to your unit. Also, be sure your interlock plug is connected.

Now it’s time to make sure that all nonessential personnel are out of the testing area so you can begin your test. Set your current range to max, and set your voltage range to the desired setting. My cable is only rated for 15kV, so I’m going to use the lowest 0-20kV setting. Make sure your voltage control is lowered all the way to zero. Turn on the ac power switch, and this beacon here will light up to indicate there is power to the unit.

From a safe position, turn on your high voltage. This beacon will light red indicating that you are ready to start your test.Slowly raise your voltage to the desired setting. For me, that’s going to be about 13kv. You can hold your voltage for as long as your test specifies.
Now that the voltage is holding on my device under test, I’m going to check the leakage current on the current meter.

Right now the current meter range is 0-10 ma. As you can see, the current is nowhere near 1 milliamp, so I’m going to adjust the current range to go into microamps. As you can see, we’ve got about 4 microamps of leakage current. Now I’m going to return my current meter to the 0-10 milliamp setting.

Our test has run long enough, so I’m going to go ahead and slowly lower my voltage back down. I’m going to turn my high voltage off, and my ac power off. It’s important to make sure your unit is properly grounded, so I’m going to use a grounding stick. Now you’re ready to disconnect your specimen…and pack up the 880 for another test.

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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has a policy of continuous product improvement. Therefore we reserve the right to change design and specification without notice.

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