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To constantly improve the management system by virtue of the rule of "sincerely, good faith and quality are the base of enterprise development", we widely absorb the essence of related products internationally, and constantly develop new products to meet the demands of customers for 29 Years Factory Miniature circuit breaker-FTG11 to Yemen Factory, All the opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! The good cooperation could improve both of us into better development!

Model: FTG11
Pole: 1P,2P,3P,4P
Rated current (A): 32,63,100
Rated frequency: 50
Rated operational voltage 400
Rated insulation voltage: 690
operating cycles: on-load 1500
off-load 8500
Rated short-time connecting capacity conduction time:0.1s 30Ie
Rated short-time withstand current conduction time:1s 20Ie
Rated connecting and breaking capacity 3Ie
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 4
Usage category: AC-22A
 Connecting wire: 6/50
Size: 1P 74.2×17.8×80
2P 7507×3506×80
3P 7507×53.4×80
4P 75.7×71.2×80

Made this for when I go camping I can charge this with a solar panel while I’m away from camp fishing. It has a resettable breaker, three 12v receptacles, and a double USB receptacle. This will run at night my fan, charge my spotlight, charge my phone, and if needed my lantern for my tent.

I didn’t make a how to video because it honestly took me 3 days of trial and error to make everything perfect. Hope you guys get ideas on how to make one of your own.

All parts were purchased at West Marine
The battery inside is a gel U-1 size 32 amp/HR rating

I am using a ProMariner cup holder style inverter I believe it delivers 150w

I don’t know how long this will last using all these connected items and how much charge it will receive from the solar panel I chose but once I test it I will let you guys know!!!

GIRA Tronic-Trafo univ. 20-105W, kompakt 037100
Tronic-Trafo univ. 20-105W, kompakt 037100 Art des Trafos elektronischer Trafo, Sicherheitstrafo, Eingangsspannung 230 … 230V, Ausgangsspannung 12 … 12V, Leistung 20 … 105W, Anschlussart Primärseite Schraubanschluss, Anschlussart Sekundärseite Schraubanschluss, Montageart Aufbau/Einbau, Werkstoff des Gehäuses Kunststoff, Farbe schwarz, Dimmbar, Kurzschlusssicher, Überlast/-temperaturschutz, Mit Sekundär-Sicherungsautomat, Anzahl der Abgangsstellen (Paare) 1, Länge 105mm, Breite 50mm, Höhe 29mm, Tronic Trafo universal,elektronischer Transformator fürNiedervolt Halogenlampen 12 V,kompakte Bauweise Schalten, Tasten, Dimmen 20 105 W Mit Schraubklemmen. Kurzschlussfest. Abschaltung mit automatischem Wiederanlauf nach Kurzschlussbeseitigung. Überlast und Übertemperaturschutz. Automatische Leistungsreduzierung bzw. Abschaltung bei weiterer Erwärmung. Automatischer Wiederanlauf nach Abkühlung. Dimmbar mit Gira NV Dimmer (Mindestlast=50W), Gira Tronic Dimmer oder Gira Universal Dimmer (ab R2).Sicherheitstransformator nach VDE0712 24. fotografiert von EIB3D.COM


GIRA Transformer LV lamp 20…105W 230V/12V – 037100
Transformer LV lamp 20…105W 230V/12V Type of transformer Electronic transformer, Safety transformer, Primary voltage 230 … 230V, Secondary voltage 12 … 12V, Power 20 … 105W, Connection type primary side Screw connection, Connection type secondary side Screw connection, Mounting method Surface mounting/recessed mounting, Material housing Plastic, Colour Black, Dimmable, Short-circuit protected, Overload-/temperature protection, With secondary automatic circuit breaker, Number of output positions (pairs) 1, Length 105mm, Width 50mm, Height 29mm, photographed by EIB3D.COM

EAN: 4010337371007
Halogen-Niedervolt-Trafo, Halogen-Niedervolt-Transformator, Halogentrafo, Leuchtentrafo, NV-Trafo, Niedervolt-Trafo, Trafo, Trafo für Halogenleuchte, Trafo für NV-Halogenlampe, Trafo für NV-Lichtsystem/NV-Halogenlampe, Trafo für Niedervolt-Halogenlampe, Transformato

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