8 Years Manufacturer Miniature circuit breaker-FTBD to Panama Importers


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Protection rating: IP20
Installation: On DIN rail 35mm according to JB6525
Connection capacity: Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm², 
Ambient temperature (°C): Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm²,
Altitude (m): ≦4000m
Relative air humidity: no more than 95%
Pollution degree:
Installation condition: Used in place without obvious shock and vibration
Weight (g): 116 /232

  • Demonstration of a CBS ArcSafe® RSA-14 remote switch actuator (RSA) system switching a Siemens Series 81000 Medium Voltage Controller. CBS ArcSafe® application specific switching systems aid in arc flash safety by enabling service technicians to operate low and medium voltage electrical equipment while remaining outside of the arc flash boundary during the potentially hazardous operation. The CBS ArcSafe® RSA-14 is capable of remotely operating the equipment shown without requiring any modification to the existing switchgear. Operation of the simple to use RSA-14 is quite intuitive and requires only minimal setup. When used properly, the RSA-14 allows technicians to remain outside of the arc flash boundary during the potentially dangerous switching operation.

    This video is intended for demonstration purposes only; and as such, all electrical equipment shown is de-energized and any PPE shown is not intended for actual arc flash protection. Actual users of the equipment shown must always comply with any applicable federal, state, local, or in-house safety protocols during use. This video is only intended to show the capabilities of the CBS ArcSafe® equipment and is not intended to serve as a training aid or as a substitute for training. CBS ArcSafe® requires that all personnel using the equipment shown be trained in its safe operation by a qualified CBS ArcSafe® representative.

    For more information regarding the full line of CBS ArcSafe® remote racking and switching products, please see the comprehensive product catalog or send an email to “info@cbsarcsafe.com”.

    Eaton (Moeller) Motorschutzschalter 3p,handbetätigt PKZM0-4-SC
    Motorschutzschalter 3p,handbetätigt PKZM0-4-SC Überlastauslöser Stromeinstellung 2,5 … 4A, Einstellbereich des unverzögerten Kurzschlussauslösers 62 … 62A, Phasenausfallempfindlich, Auslösetechnik thermomagnetisch, Bemessungsbetriebsspannung 690 … 690V, Bemessungsdauerstrom Iu 4A, Bemessungsbetriebsleistung bei AC-3, 230 V 0,75kW, Bemessungsbetriebsleistung bei AC-3, 400 V 1,5kW, Anschlussart Hauptstromkreis Schraubanschluss, Gerätebauart Einbaugerät Festeinbautechnik, Polzahl 3, Bemessungsgrenzkurzschlussausschaltstrom Icu bei 400 V, AC 150kA, Schutzart (IP) IP20, Motorschutzschalter nach IEC/EN60947, 3-polig Baugröße PKZM0, mit einstellbaren Überlast- und unverzögertem Kurzschlußauslöser, phasenausfallempfindlich, Schraub und Schnappmontage, mit Schraub- und Federzugklemmen, Kappeneinbaumaß 45mm, Bemessungsbetriebsspannung Ue 690V, Schutzart IP20, fingersicher nach VDE 0106 T. 100, lieferbares Zubehör: Hilfsschalter, Spannungsauslöser, Schaltantrieb, Clipsplatte, Herstellerbestellnummer: 229835


    Eaton (Moeller) Motor protective circuit-breaker 4A PKZM0-4-SC
    Motor protective circuit-breaker 4A Setting range overload protector 2,5 … 4A, Adjustment range undelayed short-circuit release 62 … 62A, Phase failure sensitive, Switch off technique Thermomagnetic, Rated operating voltage 690 … 690V, Rated permanent current Iu 4A, Rated operation power at AC-3, 230 V 0,75kW, Rated operation power at AC-3, 400 V 1,5kW, Connection type main current circuit Screw connection, Device construction Built-in device fixed built-in technique, Number of poles 3, Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcu at 400 V, AC 150kA, Degree of protection (IP) IP20, Manufacturer Order number: 229835

    Herstellerbestellnummer / Manufacturer SKU: 229835
    EAN: 4015082298357
    Federzugklemme, Leistungsschalter, Leistungsschutzschalter, MCCB, Motorschalter, Motorschutz-Komplettgerät, Motorschutzschalter, Motorschutzschalter Starterkombinationen, Motorstarter, PKZM0, Schalter, Schutzschalter

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