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With a complete scientific quality management system, good quality and good faith, we win good reputation and occupied this field for Best Price for Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment-FTQ2 to Amman Manufacturers, We will do our best to meet your requirements and are sincerely looking forward to developing mutual beneficial business relationship with you!

Model: FTQ2
Poles: 3,4
Rated operational voltage Ue(V): AC400V/50HZ
Rated operational current Ie(A): 20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100,125,160,180,200,225,315,350,400,500,630
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V): 690V
Operating position: Normal power switch-on, backup power switch-on, Normal power& backup power switch-off
Electrical level: CB
Rated controller Operating supply voltage: AC220V
Under-voltage: Adjustable from 160-200v,factory defaults:170V
Over-voltage: Adjustable from 240-290V,factory defaults:270V
Operation Mode: R:automatic change recovery,S:automatic change but not automatic recovery,F:Generator type
Switch-off delay time: Adjustable from 0-180s,factory defaults:2s
Switch-on delay time: Adjustable from 0-180s,factory defaults:2s

Bought on as a genuine Hakko FX-888 part (old leftover stock maybe?), but once opened up it’s a knock-off. Reasonably well made, apparently, but definitely not the genuine article.

Small note – the tip is NOT grounded on the fake, while it is on the real Hakko. In some cases that can be a safety issue, so if you ever find yourself accidentally soldering on the live side of a transformer because you forgot to unplug it before you started, the fake won’t trip out the circuit breaker and take the 240V hit for you…

(Also, there’s about as much chance of this thing being ESD safe as there is of it being made of cheese).

A ground fault is an unintentional electrical connection between DC and the grounding system of the array. Learn how to troubleshoot the two error messages, EarthCurr and GFDI Open, when a ground fault is detected.


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