Best-Selling FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances Wholesale to Kenya


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Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction for Best-Selling FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances Wholesale to Kenya, Welcome any inquiry to our company. We will be glad to establish friendly business relationships with you!


FTX30 modular terminal combination of electrical is suitable for the power supply system end with rated voltage 30V (or 400V), rated current ≤ 240A, each short-circuit protection of the rated current ≤100A, for the protection of power distribution, overload, short circuit and it passed CCC certificate.


PDetector is the ideal tool for On-line PD testing in substations.
MV and HV substations can remain in service during a pre-outage insulation test. OLPD test finds insulation problems caused by AC voltage stress. PD test is more probing than conventional tests.
UHF, HFCT and TEV electromagnetic sensors are used.
AE contact and Ultrasonic dish are used for acoustic testing.
Phase Resolved measurements compare timing of pulses to AC power frequency. The type and location of most PD can be determined with PDetector. For in-tank localization and for cable PD localization, PDiagnostics with multiple channels can accurately locate discharges, arcing and corona in transformers.
PDetector applies to all types of substation apparatus. Switchgear, cable terminations and splices, bushings, tap changers, voltage transformers, instrument transformers, CT, lightning arrestors, SF6 breakers, vacuum breakers, ties, disconnects, overhear insulators, and more. Its not for motors and generators because they always have natural PD and it must be monitored. Substation apparatus should be PD free and if there is any PD it should be investigated.
The PDetector can save all of the data it records. You can save timestamped screenshots of all measurements, you can list your devices and save measurements for each device. Or you can use the RFID tagging system.

PMDT offer the complete pre-outage test solution which includes combinations of DGA IR/UV PD SF6 and 1st Trip testing.
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