Big discounting FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances for Bhutan Manufacturer


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FTX30 modular terminal combination of electrical is suitable for the power supply system end with rated voltage 30V (or 400V), rated current ≤ 240A, each short-circuit protection of the rated current ≤100A, for the protection of power distribution, overload, short circuit and it passed CCC certificate.


difference between generator and alternator || generator and alternator

Generator and alternator are two devices, which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Together have the similar principle of electromagnetic induction, the only difference is that their structure. Generator persists stationary magnetic field and rotating conductor which roll on the armature with slip rings and brushes riding next to each other, hence it converts the induced EMF into dc current for peripheral load whereas an alternator has a stationary armature and rotating magnetic field for high voltages but for low voltage output rotating armature and stationary magnetic field is used.

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SR-H Remote Racking System: Westinghouse 50 DH Circuit Breakers

The Safe-T-Rack (STR) SRH system is a remote racking system designed to be used with all horizontally racked medium voltage circuit breakers. One complete system consists of all the necessary components to outfit and operate virtually any circuit breaker remotely. System functions/features include: properly stimulates all the OEM breaker interlock systems; simple installation and use; does not interfere with existing manual racking systems; impact- and moisture-resistant polymer storage case; and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Safe-T-Rack…Because Distance is the Best Arc Flash Protection.

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