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o The ELB(Earth Leakage Breaker) is also called as RCD(Residual Current Device) and GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).

The inverters, which are widely used in washers, air conditioners, elevators etc due to their energy efficiency and detail control function, cause a lot of harmonics leakage current. This leakage current may flow through the wires of the building and thus cause malfunction to the connected appliances.

In the control rooms of factories, substations, IDC center powered from UPS, a large amount of leakage current is released and most of the time, the conventional leakage breaker(Io ELB) cannot handle the leakage and thus malfunction. Therefore, in most control rooms the leakage breaker(Io ELB) is either taken away or even never installed from the beginning, thus install MCCB instead of ELB. This is a very dangerous situation as resistive leakage current can lead to fire in these facilities.

The earth leakage breakers(ELB) operates based on Io(I zero), and therefore in the digital world of today, the breakers does not function properly in world-wide.

Therefore, our company has developed an IGR leakage breaker which can operate at the amount of resistive leakage current properly, but will not operate at capacitive leakage current properly. The innovative IGR breaker will operate more sensitively to effective factor of resistive leakage current than to non-effective factor of capacitive leakage current.

This is the IGR RCD(ELCB) specification explanation made by Korea.
IGR 누전차단기 규격 설명

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