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The key to our success is "Good Product Quality, Reasonable Price and Efficient Service" for China wholesale GZD-3 Series DC Screen Supply to Sacramento, We fully welcome customers from all over the world to establish stable and mutually beneficial business relationships, to have a bright future together.

GZD-3 series of nickel-cadmium batteries DC panel is the new generation of products created accord to power industry standard “DL / T459-92″,converged the advantages of similar products in China, combined with the actual experience of domestic operating units and applicable to the actual situation in China and abroad.

SR-U Battery-powered Remote Racking System: Square D Masterpact NT Circuit Breakers

The Safe-T-Rack (STR) SR-U system, which racks Square D Masterpact NT circuit breakers, is designed for use with low and medium voltage circuit breakers. One complete SR-U remote racking system consists of all components necessary to outfit and operate virtually any low- or medium-voltage circuit breaker. System functions/features include: racking of NT frame installed in either LV switchgear or CIC retrofits; new compact integrated motor & transmission design; properly stimulates all of the OEM breaker interlock systems; automatically operates and monitors the positive interlock; and 3-position selectable racking to disconnect/test/connect. The system is simple to install and use, does not interfere with existing manual racking systems, comes with an impact- and moisture-resistant polymer storage case, and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Safe-T-Rack…Because Distance is the Best Arc Flash Protection.

Experiments showing the use of capacitors in reducing or removing sparks from DC switches and contacts. This prevents the contacts burning and then not working. The exact valus is not required, but it depends on the DC voltage and the current. In this case 50v at 20 Amps (1 kilowatt). The capacitor value would need to be above 1000 micro farads and at a voltage above battery voltage, say 100v minimum to reduce the possibility of failure.

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