Chinese Professional FTD (GGD) Low Voltage Fixed Distribution Cabinet Export to Vancouver


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GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet is applicable to power distribution system of power plants, substations, factories, mines etc, with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current(0-3150A), for the energy conversing, distributing and control of the power, lighting and power distribution equipment .

GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet meet the standards of IEC439 “low-voltage switchgear and control equipment,” GB7251.1-2005 “low-voltage switchgear and control equipment” and passed the CQC certificate.

FTD (GGD) Low Voltage Fixed Distribution Cabinet


  • A failed cutout 3 blocks away caused a surge and tripped the utility breaker. Procedure is to inspect the surge absorber for damage and reset. The reason I said leave the door open at ~0:36 is if there is a fault it will just blow out the open door rather than make a bomb out of it. This is a 1200A 120/208 service served by a 3.2Z 450KVA transformer 25 feet away (electricaly) with a 0.2 s clearing time on the load side an arcing fault is 19C. May seem a bit much but Im not the one to take a chance if there is a problem esp when dealing possible hidden damage due to surges and lightning. When surges and lightning happen they can leave conductive deposits and damage equipment in ways that dont show up untill its energized.
    The noise in the background is the generator. The large grey cabinet is the automatic transfer switch, the small grey cabinet is the surge absorber, the silver cabinet contains the CT’s (current transformers) for the electric meter and the green cabinet is the transformer.

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