Competitive Price for Moulded case circuit breaker-FTM2-DC Supply to Germany


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Frame size Inm(A): 160 250 400 630
Rated current (A): 20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100,125,160, 160,180,200,225,250 250,315,350,400 400,500,630
Poles: 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4
Rated voltage (V) AC: DC250,DC500,DC750,DC1000
Rated insulationvoltage(V): 1000 1000 1000 1000
Rated impulse withstand
voltage Uimp(KV):
800 800 800 800
Breaking Capacity: S S S S
Ultimate short-circuit capacity Icu (KA) DC250V: 30 / 30 / 30 / 30 /
DC500V: 25 / 25 / 25 / 25 /
DC750V: 15 15 15 20 15 20 15 20
DC1000V: / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10
Service short-circuit capacity
Ics (KA)
DC250V: 75%Icu / 75%Icu / 75%Icu / 75%Icu /
DC500V: 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu
DC750V: 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu 75%Icu
DC1000V: / 75%Icu / 75%Icu / 75%Icu / 75%Icu
operating performance Electrical life: 3000 3000 1000 1000
Mechanical life: 10000 10000 5000 5000
Arcing distance(mm) No more than 50 No more than 50 No more than 50 No more than 50
Class A
L(mm) 155 165 257 275
W(mm) 90 120 105 140 140 184 210 280
H1(mm) 68.5 69.5 95 95
H(mm) 100 105 154 154

EnerQuest Services Inc. – where Safety is Power – is a leading innovator of engineered, application-critical equipment and systems for global energy and industrial markets including above and below ground power distribution solutions for the mining sector.

EnerQuest’s Automatic Breaker Racking System, International Patent Pending, is the world’s first. Operators now have 100% control of the integral remote racking system for any low voltage circuit breaker from 70 amps to 3000 amps. The operator can stand outside of the ARC FLASH Boundary and rack a circuit breaker out to the disconnected position via HMI touch screen command or control room operator station.

The breaker has zero (0) incident energy while a safety lock is applied for lockout, tag-out procedures. The operator can also rack the breaker back into the connected position while standing outside of the ARC FLASH Boundary.

The EnerQuest International Patent Pending system provides a wide range of modular configuration designs for above and below ground mining applications. The design provides for ease of installing, maintaining, operating and adapting to many mining needs while keeping Safety as a # 1 Priority. Some of the many operating features include:

•Remote Breaker Racking System
•Wireless Bus-joint Temperature Monitoring
•Integral Streaming Infra-Red Camera Reporting
•Remote Operation of all Switching Devices
•Live Line Voltage Indicators Local to Each Mining Plug Connector Location.

Modular frames allow for quick and easy interconnection of a variety of High Voltage, Transformer and Low Voltage sections. Modular Frame design allows for you to build unique power skid specifications to your requirements.

EnerQuest mining skids provide colour identification system for voltage class recognition.
This is specific for each mining operation with a wide range of colour options available. Hollow, structural steel frame construction is durable for any harsh environment. All metal components are powder coated with one zinc primer and two finishing top coats.

With the on-board intelligence you are able to construct virtually any length of skid with as many different draw-out cassette configurations. The automation system upon power-up will update the HMI operating system with all operating features without any human intervention. EnerQuest mining skid design features High and Low Voltage removable power cassettes. Production is paramount for any operation. With the EnerQuest exchangeable cassettes, lost production is reduced dramatically. Power cassettes are straightforward to load and unload into the mining skid by a single-person. All control functions of each cassette can be controlled from an HMI at the end of the skid or from a remote location such as a control room. Swapping of cassettes typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

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