Automatic Transfer Switching-Geräte-FTQ5


FTQ5 series automatic conversion switch electrical system PC level, suitable for the exchange of rated working voltage 400V and below, rated frequency 50Hz, rated current 16A to 125A of the emergency power supply system between the two power supply automatic switching, to ensure the continuous, safe and reliable work of the important load. The product has higher reliability, higher security, modular design, compact and compact overall structure, easy to install and maintain and have isolation and locking function.

Technische Daten



Außen und Abmessungen

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Modell: FTQ5-125 FTQ5-250 FTQ5-630
Bemessungsstrom (A): 16,20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100,125 315.350.400.500.630
Pole: 3,4
Nennbetriebsspannung: AC400V / 50Hz
Bemessungsisolationsspannung: 800
Bemessungsstoßspannung Uimp (KV) standhalten: 8
Anschluss- und Schaltleistung: 10Ie
Kurzzeitstrom Bewertet: 10KA / 200ms 10KA / 200ms 25kA / 200ms
Betriebslage: Normale Leistung auf, Backup auf, Normal-und Backup-off
Betriebstransferzeit: ≤1.5
Elektrische Klasse: PC
Nutzungskategorie: AC-33B





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