Miniature Circuit Breaker-FTM9-100


Mainly used in distribution lines of AC 50HZ, rated working voltage 230 / 400V, rated current not more than 100A. For overload & short circuit protection, also can be used for line non-frequent on-off operation and conversion. The breaking ability can reach 10kA.

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Model & Spec FTM9-100
Technical parameters
Standards GB/T10963.1/IEC60898
Certifications CCC
Pole number 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
Rated current(A) 63, 80, 100
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Electrical characteristics
Rated operating voltage Ue(V) AC230 (1P)  AC400 (2P, 3P, 4P)
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcn(kA) 10
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kV) 4
Dielectric voltage, power frequency, 1 min(kA) 2
Isolation function Yes
Class of pollution 2
Use cat. (overvoltage category) ll
Tripping type and characteristics D-type curve (10ln~20ln)
Mechanical charateristics
Contact status indicator Green: open  Red: close
Mechanical life (times) 10000
Electerical life (times) 4000
IP rate IP40 (installed inside the distribution box) IP20 (Installed directly)
Mechanical shock resistance (GB/T2423.5)(m/s²) 150, continuously 11ms half-wave
Anti-vibration (GB/T2423.10) 5g-20 cycles, frequency 5…150…5Hz (load 0.8ln)
Anti-humid heat (GB/T2423.4)(℃/RH) 28 cycles (with 55/95…100)
Reference ambient temperature (℃) 30
Operating ambient temperature (℃) -5~+40
Storage temperature (℃) -40~+70
Installation characteristics
Terminal type U-shaped terminal, tunnel type
Max. wiring capacity Conductor connection 50 mm²
Max. ultimate torque (N.m) 6
Tool Pozi drive (double cross)
Installation Installation on standard DIN rail (35mm)
Inlet method Upper or lower
Outline dim. (mm)
1P 85*27*72
2P 85*54*77
3P 85*81*77
4P 85*108*77




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