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Model: FTB2G
Pole: 1P,2P,3P,4P
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Rated voltage (V): 230/400
Rated current (A)C,D 6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Breaking Capacity: 6KA
Mechanical and electrical life: 20000
Ambient temperature (°C): -5 ~ +40
Altitude (m): ≤2000m
Relative air humidity: no more than 95%
Pollution degree: 2
Installation: Used in place without obvious shock and vibration
Pollution Degree: II
Connecting wire(mm²)Min/Max 1/25
Size(L×W×H) 1P 74.2×17.8×80
2P 75.7×35.6×80
3P 75.7×53.4×80
4P 75.7×71.2×80

Electrical & Electronic Systems MOST IMP MCQ

Que: -) Square law modulators

a. Have nonlinear current-voltage characteristics
b. Are used for Amplitude Modulation

Que: -) AM demodulation techniques are

a. Square law demodulator
b. Envelope detector
Que: -) The process of recovering information signal from received carrier is known as

a. Detection

Que: -) Generation of SSB SC signal is done by
a. Phase discrimination method
b. Frequency discrimination method

Que: -. Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device

Que: – How many digits of the DNIC (Data Network Identification Code) identify the country?

A. first three

Que: -What is the primary function of multiplexing?

To allow a number of signals to make use of a single communications channel.
Que: -) Which among the following stages is adopted in Splice Loss Experiment?

a. Translational
b. Rotational
Que: -) Why is an electrical isolation required between several portions of an electronic circuit?
a. Provision of high voltage protection
b. Reduction in noise level

Que: -) In an optical network, increase in the number of lasers the bit rate.

: Increases

Que: -) Which among the following parameters is/are decided by the front-end of a receiver?
a. Sensitivity
b. Bandwidth
Que: -. Which of the following are limitations of break-even analysis?

A) Static concept

Que: -. Contribution is also known as

a) Contribution margin

Que: -. Safety guards on machines should be

A. Always in position

Que: -. Which of the following is indirect cost?

D. Training for job

following is direct cost.

A. Cost of raw material
B. cost of machining
C. Power consumption in fabrication

Que: -. Systematic appraisal of each job in the organization to determine its comparative value, is known as

D. Job evaluation

Que: -. Which of the following is a disciplinary action?

D. Suspension

Que: -) The power output from a hydroelectric plant depend on

discharge, system efficiency.

Que: -) In hydroelectric power plants

operating cost is low and initial cost is high.

Que: -) Water hammer is developed in a


Que: -) With reference to hydrometer station, the graphical representation of the discharge as function of time is known as


Que: -. Which among the following is not a renewable source of energy?

(b) Biomass energy

Que: -. Photovoltaic energy is the conversion of sunlight into:

(a) Chemical energy

Que: -. Horizontal axis and vertical axis are the types of:

(b) Wind mills

Que: -. Steam reforming is currently the least expensive method of producing:

(c) Hydrogen

Que: -. A fuel cell, in order to produce electricity, burns:

(c) Hydrogen

Que: -. Fuel cells are:

(b) Hydrogen battery
Que: -. Both power and manure is provided by:

(c) Biogas plants

Que: -The outermost layer of the earth is:

(c) Crust

Que: -The one thing that is common to all fossil fuels is that they:

(b) Contain carbon

Que: -The process that converts solid coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuel is called:

(a) Liquefaction

Que: -Lignite, bituminous and anthracite are different ranks of:

(b) Coal

Que: -Crude oil is:

(c) Smelly yellow to black liquid

Que: -BTU is measurement of:

(c) Heat content

Que: – Boiling water reactor and pressurized water reactors are:

(a) Nuclear reactor

Que: – Transmission media are usually categorized as _______.

guided or unguided

Que: – Transmission media lie below the _______ layer.

A) physical
Que: – _______ cable consists of an inner copper core and a second conducting outer sheath.

B) Coaxial

Que: – In fiber optics, the signal is _______ waves.

A) light

Que: -Which of the following primarily uses guided media?

B) local telephone system

Que: – In an optical fiber, the inner core is _______ the cladding.

A) denser than

Que: – The inner core of an optical fiber is _______ in composition.

A) glass or plastic

Que: – When the angle of incidence is _______ the critical angle, the light beam bends along the interface.

C) equal to

Que: – A parabolic dish antenna is a(n) _______ antenna.

C) unidirectional

Que: -A(n) _____ medium provides a physical conduit from one device to another.

A) guided

Que: -______ cable consists of two insulated copper wires twisted together.

C) Twisted-pair

Que: -______cable is used for voice and data communications.

C) Twisted-pair

Que: – __________ consists of a central conductor and a shield.

A) Coaxial

Que: – _____ cable can carry signals of higher frequency ranges than _____ cable.

C) Coaxial; twisted-pair

Que: -___cables carry data signals in the form of light.

B) Fiber-optic

Que:-In a fiber-optic cable, the signal is propagated along the inner core by _______.

A) reflection

Que: -_________ media transport electromagnetic waves without the use of a physical conductor.

B) Unguided


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