Factory directly sale Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment-FTQ2E to South Africa Importers


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We insist on the principle of development of 'High quality, Efficiency, Sincerity and Down-to-earth working approach' to provide you with excellent service of processing for Factory directly sale Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment-FTQ2E to South Africa Importers, Please send us your specifications and requirements, or feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries that you may have.

Body switch FTB2-63 MCB Series
Rated voltage (V): AC 400(4P/3P); AC 230V(2P)/50HZ
Rated insulation voltage: 440
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 4
Rated breaking Capacity: 6.5
Mechanical and electrical life: electric 6000
Machinery 10000
Operating position: Normally on,backup on,Normal and backup off
Operating transfer time: ≤1.5
Electrical class: CB
Usage category: AC-33iB
Controller functions: switch automaticly in condition of phase loss, pressure loss ,undervoltage and other power failure,

automatic change and automatic recovery ,automatic change and non-automatic recovery,fire fighting

joint control, Manual/automatic adjustion,power/power on/tripping indication,fault alarm

Controller Operating Voltage: AC230V/50Hz
Undervoltage conversion value: AC175V(±5)
Undervoltage  return value: AC190V(±5)
Conversion Delay(normal to backup): 0S-60S adjustable,factory default setting:5S
Return Delay(normal to backup: 0S-60S adjustable,factory default setting:5S
Size(L×W×H)mm: 248 × 125×121

  • To purchase, visit:http://www.swgr.com/store/circuit-breakers/molded-case/product/TEY330,22-11094.aspx

    Stock # 22-11094, GENERAL ELECTRIC, Circuit Breaker, Catalog No. TEY330, Frame Amps 100, Trip Amps 30, 3 Poles, 480 Volts,

    Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

    The TEY330 Circuit Breaker has been reconditioned per MIDWEST’s rigorous service procedures based on 30 years experience. The TEY330 circuit breaker has been maintained and refurbished per industry standards and per MIDWEST’s Quality Control Program (QCP). The services include applicable internal and external procedures, repairs, and replacement of deficient components. In addition to standard electrical tests, MIDWEST also performs live function tests on the TEY330. These services far exceed the routine reconditioning of the TEY330 performed by many circuit breaker vendors and resellers. MIDWEST certifies the TEY330 circuit breaker has passed our QCP before shipping.

    New Surplus Circuit Breakers

    A “New Surplus” Circuit Breaker is a circuit breaker that has never been installed, but is not “New from the Factory” or “New from the Manufacturer or Distributor” of the TEY330 circuit breaker. It may be referred to as New in the Box, New Surplus, Never Installed, Never Energized, or other such term that avoids the label “New from the Manufacturer.” A New Surplus TEY330 circuit breaker should not be considered new from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s Distributor. Surplus and New Surplus TEY330 circuit breakers must pass MIDWEST’s (QCP) Quality Control Program.

    MIDWEST Electrical Testing & Maintenance Co., Inc.
    5141 North 35th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209

    A difficult level to complete with all of these challenges |

    Key Moments:
    0:50 – [2xHarpoon]
    1:10 – [LMP]
    1:55 – [AutoAmmo, 2xSMP]
    2:55 – (Secret) Stone Dragon
    3:25 – Block Puzzle
    5:35 – [LMP, Flares]
    6:20 – Rest Room Key
    7:00 – Use Rest Room Key
    7:10 – Rest Room Button 1
    7:25 – Rest Room Button 2
    7:35 – Rest Room Button 1 (again)
    11:05 – Rusty Key
    11:40 – Use Rusty Key
    13:35 – (Secret) Jade Dragon
    14:25 – Boat Area Switch 1
    14:45 – Boat Area Switch 2
    14:55 – Boat Area Switch 3
    16:50 – [SMP]
    17:00 – Boat Drain Button
    17:15 – Circuit Breaker #1
    18:15 – Circuit Breaker #2
    18:20 – Alternate Access to CB#2
    19:40 – Circuit Breaker #3
    20:05 – [2xHarpoons]
    20:20 – [UziAmmo]
    20:40 – [SMP]
    21:10 – Underwater Lever
    21:40 – [SShells]
    21:50 – [UziAmmo]
    21:55 – [LMP]
    22:05 – Use all 3 Circuit Breakers
    24:00 – [2xHarpoons]
    24:25 – [SMP]
    24:45 – Bridge Switch 1
    25:15 – Bridge Switch 2
    25:20 – [Flares]
    27:05 – (Secret) Gold Dragon [Grenade Launcher, 2xGranades]
    28:40 – Cabin Key
    29:35 – Use Cabin Key
    29:45 – Bridge Switch 3
    30:05 – Bridge Switch 4
    32:00 – [M16Ammo, SMP]
    32:20 – [3xM16Ammo]

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