Factory making Miniature Circuit Breaker FTBD-PV Wholesale to Moldova


Technical data

Product illustration

Tripping characteristic

Exterior and dimensions

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Product illustration:


Technical Data


FTBD-PV miniature circuit-breaker


aadqq111_03 aadqq111_04 aadqq111_05 aadqq111_06

Number of poles





Rated operating voltage (V)

DC 3. 00

DC 600

DC 900

DC 1200

Rated current (A)

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity(KA)




Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV)


Mechanical and   electrical life:


Protection rating



On DIN rail 35mm according to GB/T 19334-2003

Connection capacity:

Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm², Cross-section of busbar from 0.8-2mm²

Ambient temperature (°C)

-25°C ~ +45°C

Altitude (m)


Temperature derating

FTBD-PV Derating of load capability of MCBs
Ambient temperature T (°C)









1.17 In 1.12 In 1.07 In


0.93 In 0.86 In 0.81 In

Tripping characteristic


Connection capacity


Exterior and dimensions



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You can look, but don’t touch! These arcs of plasma are lethal enough to kill on contact! In this project We’re using an old Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) to extract some traveling electric arcs.

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Metal Melter: https://goo.gl/jolsPz
Stick Welder: https://goo.gl/ZmccT9
Spot Welder: https://goo.gl/3eEfLx
Microwave Hack: https://goo.gl/SQKzn5

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You probably shouldn’t try this at home. This project is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in severe electric shock, cardiac arrest, serious injury, permanent damage to equipment and property, and/or death. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

PLEASE NOTE: If you attempt to duplicate this project, I suggest wearing THICK INSULATED RUBBER GLOVES, and using a piece of PVC TUBING for your chicken/safety stick. The gloves I wore, as well as the wooden safety stick, are poor insulators and I used them only because they were what I had on hand, and I was aware and comfortable with the risks, but I cannot recommend they will protect from electric shock. In any case, always keep one hand behind your back when dealing with HV to reduce the risk of an electrical current from traveling through your heart and sending you into cardiac arrest.

Music By: Music by Jason Shaw (Essense2-1) http://www.audionautix.com

Project Inspired By:

codemsan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yYnaOoCfQ&feature=share&list=UU5ajgGDvaAmOEA71jO9QD8Q

Project History & More Info:

By tapping into the secondary coil of an unmodified Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT), and hooking up to a makeshift diverging spark-gap, it’s possible to extract a visible short circuit!

These high voltage arcs are probably over an amp in current, and at over 1,000 volts, can be instantly fatal if touched.

As the arc is formed, the surrounding air is ionized and heated, causing the arc to rise. It will travel up the diverging spark gap, sometimes called a “Jacob’s ladder” until the arc is so weak it breaks.

This project is dangerous and isn’t of much practical use as far as I can tell, but was a way to visibly see electricity in plasma form.

Because the MOT is unballasted, you can expect the current draw to get so high that the breaker will trip every-time if allowed to continue for an extended period of time.

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