factory Outlets for FTMS (SDK) Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear to Provence Factories


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We depend on sturdy technical force and continually create sophisticated technologies to meet the demand of factory Outlets for FTMS (SDK) Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear to Provence Factories, All the opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! The good cooperation could improve both of us into better development!


FTMS (SDK) low-voltage withdrawable switchgear device is the latest patented technology products in our company, suitable for the power supply system with three-phase AC 50-60HZ, rated working voltage(0- 660V) for the use of power generating, transmitting, distributing, power conversing and power consumption equipment control.

This device complies with IEC439 and GB7251-97JB / T9661-99 professional standards and passed 3C certificate:

FTMS (SDK) Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear2

This is documentation that our microwave is still causing the breaker to flip. It’s on its own little fuse… We’ve replaced the microwave, but it continues to happen.

This video is for our builder lol

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Stock # 22-12245, CUTLER HAMMER, Circuit Breaker, Catalog No. FDB3100,
Frame Amps 150, Trip Amps 100, 3 Poles, 600 Volts

Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

The FDB3100 Circuit Breaker has been reconditioned per MIDWEST’s
rigorous service procedures based on 30 years experience. The FDB3100
circuit breaker has been maintained and refurbished per industry
standards and per MIDWEST’s Quality Control Program (QCP). The services
include applicable internal and external procedures, repairs, and
replacement of deficient components. In addition to standard electrical
tests, MIDWEST also performs live function tests on the FDB3100. These
services far exceed the routine reconditioning of the FDB3100 performed
by many circuit breaker vendors and resellers. MIDWEST certifies the
FDB3100 circuit breaker has passed our QCP before shipping.

New Surplus Circuit Breakers

A “New Surplus” Circuit Breaker is a circuit breaker that has never
been installed, but is not “New from the Factory” or “New from the
Manufacturer or Distributor” of the FDB3100 circuit breaker. It may be
referred to as New in the Box, New Surplus, Never Installed, Never
Energized, or other such term that avoids the label “New from the
Manufacturer.” A New Surplus FDB3100 circuit breaker should not be
considered new from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s Distributor.
Surplus and New Surplus FDB3100 circuit breakers must pass MIDWEST’s
(QCP) Quality Control Program.

MIDWEST Electrical Testing & Maintenance Co., Inc.
5141 North 35th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209

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