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Model: FTQ2
Poles: 3,4
Rated operational voltage Ue(V): AC400V/50HZ
Rated operational current Ie(A): 20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100,125,160,180,200,225,315,350,400,500,630
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V): 690V
Operating position: Normal power switch-on, backup power switch-on, Normal power& backup power switch-off
Electrical level: CB
Rated controller Operating supply voltage: AC220V
Under-voltage: Adjustable from 160-200v,factory defaults:170V
Over-voltage: Adjustable from 240-290V,factory defaults:270V
Operation Mode: R:automatic change recovery,S:automatic change but not automatic recovery,F:Generator type
Switch-off delay time: Adjustable from 0-180s,factory defaults:2s
Switch-on delay time: Adjustable from 0-180s,factory defaults:2s

How to Make a Simple 12 V, 1 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS Circuit-
Today power supplies are much compact, smaller and efficient with their functioning. Here we discuss one outstanding switch mode power supply circuit which can be easily built at home for deriving clean, ripple free 12 V DC.
The circuit diagram is very easy to understand, let’s study it with the following points:

Looking at the figure we can easily see that the configuration does not involve too many stages or parts.

The input mains AC, as usual is first rectified using ordinary 1N4007 diodes which is fixed in the bridge network mode.

The rectified high voltage DC is filtered using the high voltage capacitor.

The next stage is the crucial one which incorporates the outstanding chip VIPer 22A manufactured by ST Microelectronics.

The IC alone functions as the oscillator and induces a frequency of around 100 KHz into the primary winding of the ferrite E core transformer.

The IC is absolutely rugged and is internally protected from sudden voltage in rush and other voltage related component hazards.

The IC also incorporates built in over heat protection which makes the IC virtually indestructible.
The voltage induced at the input is effectively stepped down at the output winding, due to low eddy current losses, about 1 amp current becomes available from a relatively tiny ferrite transformer.

With the coil specs shown the voltage is around 12 and the current is around 1amp

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Applying Square D QO Breakers (rated to 48VDC).. for my photo voltaic panel combiner box.. using a QO ‘load center’.. QO fifteen amp Breakers are $six each and the indoor QO612L100 ‘load center’ was $twenty.. if you want an out of doors (3R rated) they are about $36 from Hd, Lowes, or MillsFleetFarm..

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