Factory selling FTK1 (1A) (GCK1) Low Voltage Withdrawable Distribution Cabinet to Paraguay Factories


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The FTK1 (GCK1) series is suitable in low voltage distribution systems with AC 50Hz,rated voltages 380 to 660v, for the use of powering, feeding, bus couplering, lighting, motor control and power compensating.

It includes power center (PC) and the motor control center (MCC) function, to meet the use of industrial and mining enterprises, high-level hotels, airports, hospitals power supply, distribution and power control.



FTK1 (1A) (GCK1) Low Volttion Cabinet2

This is a grow light we used last year to get our garden off to an early start. I decided to mount it in my shop for a little more light and when I plugged it up, it tripped my GFCI circuit. I’ve taken it apart and cant see what could be causing the problem. If anyone has any ideas about what could be causing this problem, I would love to hear them.

While I’m waiting for this video to upload, I think I’ve figured it out. Take the light off a GFCI-protected circuit.

New Info:
The fix was easy… Do Not Plug a Florescent Light into a GFCI-Protected Outlet. It was that Simple!

Twin circuit breakers is are
not as good as full size breakers. You should replace your panel when you run out of spaces if it is in your budget.

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