Factory supplied Air circuit breaker-FTW2 for Juventus Importers


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Model: Rated voltage (V): Rated insulation voltage/Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): Installation(poles): Frame size rated current(A) Rated current(A) Rated breaking Capacity(KA): Rated short-time withstand current Operating performance
Rated Ultimate Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Power on(times) Power off(times)
400V 400V 400V
 FTW2-1600  AC400  690/12000  withdrawable type,stationary type(3 poles,4poles)  1600  200,400,630, 800, 1000  55  42  42  10000  5000
 1250,1600  5000
 FTW2-2000  2000  630,800,1000  80  80  65  10000  6000
 1250,1600,2000  5000

If you’re looking for schematics and discussion, please check out the thread on HombrewTalk.com:




pid SYL-2352
rtd PT100-L50NPT
contactor CN-PBC402-120V
panel conn RTDCON

63a disconnect SD2-063-RR
handle SD-HRY
shaft SD-S200
black switch GCX3300
red switch GCX3252-120L
30a breaker WMZS2B30
10a breaker WMZS1B10
DIN rail DN-R35S1-2

Radio Shack
120v fan
Panel-mount fuse holders
1A fast-blow fuses
10ga wire (red/black)

Home Depot
6/3 Cable
Plastic housing and fittings
Copper ground lug
Ground bar

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