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Body switch FTB2-63 MCB Series
Rated voltage (V): AC 400(4P/3P); AC 230V(2P)/50HZ
Rated insulation voltage: 440
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 4
Rated breaking Capacity: 6.5
Mechanical and electrical life: electric 6000
Machinery 10000
Operating position: Normally on,backup on,Normal and backup off
Operating transfer time: ≤1.5
Electrical class: CB
Usage category: AC-33iB
Controller functions:
switch automaticly in condition of phase loss, pressure loss ,undervoltage and other power failure,
automatic change and automatic recovery ,automatic change and non automatic recovery,fire fighting
joint control, Manual/automatic adjustion,power/power on/tripping indication,fault alarm
Controller Operating Voltage: AC230V/50Hz
Undervoltage conversion value: AC175V(±5)
Undervoltage  return value: AC190V(±5)
Conversion Delay(normal to backup): 0S-60S adjustable,factory default setting:5S
Return Delay(normal to backup: 0S-60S adjustable,factory default setting:5S
Size(L×W×H)mm: 248 × 125×121

Part Number: #587-002
Application: Toyota Camry 2011-07

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So what’s the difference?

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220 is not necessarily better or faster drying. You still have your regular coils on the back here. It’s only how the dryer motor is able to spin. It still spins the same way. Heat is still exactly the same. All it is is the spinning of the motor. So once again the difference. The 110 voltage. The dryer motor the coils around the motor will be more windings more copper windings. So the copper adding the cost to the dryer itself. So a 220 volt dryer is cheaper. That’s the story on 220 vs 110 dryers.

Of course 220 dryers will be wired different and you need a different plug. Larger plug outlet for the 220 end. Not every situation is run for that. Mine is not all though I do have empty slots in my breaker panel that I can take out here to add you know the larger 220 breaker for a dryer. As you can see mine is 110 right now. Not in any hurry to change that really because again it just reduces the cost of the machine itself but doesn’t really improve in efficiency or anything. Still got the same heater coil. Same amount of heat output. Just different in the way that it rotates.

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