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XJM7-D measuring box (power lighting energy measurement box) is applicable to power, lighting measurement management with AC 50HZ, rated voltage 380 / 220V, three-phase four-wire. The advantages includes large capacity, shunt output switch can be selected by design, measures against stealing.It is can be called flexible, mobile, reliable power distribution equipment.

In line with GB7251.1-1997 and GB7251.3-1997 standards.

3C certificate:

XJM7-D Meing Box)-2

“UL 1077″, presented by Galco TV.
This video outlines what UL1077 is. UL1077 is a standard for UL recognized devices for supplementary protection and are not tested in the same way UL listed devices are.

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The LM1851 and RV4141 datasheets at the end are only included as rough examples of what the circuit in the breaker looks like. I would have used the datasheet for the device in the breaker, but it does not have a recognizable part number. It is also a SIP device, and all of the GFCI controllers that Digi-Key sells are in DIPs or SOs, so package style got me nowhere WRT identifying the device.
I do not recommend doing this to anything that will actually be used and claim no liability for any injuries, deaths, property damage or rips in the space time continuum (however serious) that happen as a result of doing so.

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