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XJM7 series of lighting Power metering box is suitable in power centralized measurement management of apartment buildings office buildings. Pulse-type power meter can be installed  to according to the design needs to achieve computer management. Besides, proper location is preserved to install remote-measuring remote sensing equipment. There are small circuit breakers installed in the cabinet to protect the line from overload, short circuit. The power meter and circuit breaker rated current are selected by design.

In line with GB7251.1-1997 and 7251.3-1997 standards.

3C certificate:

XJM7 Measuring Box (Low Voltage Power Measu-2

Looking for the cause of an intermitant earth leakage trip on a milk cooling system.

Suspected the fault was in the milk tank control circuit but it turned out to be the compressor at fault with a short in one of its three winding.

6000w Dc 24v Ac 220v 230v 240v Converter Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter With Charger 75a, Lcd Remote Control General specification: Model:sg-60002c Nominal Power:6000w Peak Power:18000w Output Waveform:pure wave/same as input(bypass mode) Ac output:ac220v/230v/240v(optional) Efficiency:88%(peak) Line Efficiency:95% Factor:0.9-1.0 Voltage rms : 230vac Frequency: 50hz 0.3hz/60hz Short Circuit Protection: Yes(10s after fault) specification/input: Voltage: Minimum Start Low Battery Alarm: 21v Trip: High 32v Recover: 26v Ac charger: Range:194-243vac/164-243vac(w) Rate: Initial for Up:0-15.7v for 12v(*2 for 24v, *4 for 48v) Shutdown:15.7v for for *4 for Control:yes By & Waveform:sine (grid or Voltage:230vac Max.
Ac :270vac Frequency:50hz or (auto detect) Re-engage:48hz for 50hz, 58hz for Re-engage:54hz for 64hz for Overload Protection:circuit breaker Transfer Switch Rating :40amp Without Connected: Current: 45amp: Size and Weight: Dimensions(l*w*h): 598*218*179mm 48kg Display: Leds+lcd

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