High Definition For Surge protective devices-SPD for Juventus Importers


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Product Features

- The Surge protective devices(SPDs), suitable for residential,commercial and industrial appications, are designed to limit transient overvoltage and run-off lightning currents.

- It provides reliable protection from the destructive effects of lightning and switching



- are lightning current arrsters, they can handle and divert high energy from lightning.

-they are necessary when the installation is exposed to direct lightning(for example when the buiding is equipped with external lightning protection system or powered by aerial lines).

Technical Data

Model: Max continuous operationl voltage Uc-(V): Nominal discharge current In(8/20s)(KA): Max. discharge current Imax(8/20μs)(KA): Level of protection Up(KV): Protection category:
FTY-D25 385 10 25 1.5      D
275 10 25 1.2
FTY-D25/NPE 385/255 10 25 1.5/1.2      D
275/255 10 25 1.2
FTY-C40 420 20 40 2      C
385 20 40 1.8
275 20 40 1.5
FTY-C40/NPE 420/255 20 40 2.0/1.5      C
385/255 20 40 1.8/1.5
275/255 20 40 1.5
FTY-B60 420 30 60 2.2 B
385 30 60 2
FTY-B60/NPE      420/255 30 60 2.2/1.5 B
385/255 30 60 2.2/1.5
FTY-80 420 40 80 2.5 B
385 40 80 2.2
FTY-B80/NPE 420/255 40 80   2.5/1.5 B
385/255 40 80   2.5/1.5
FTY-B100 440 50 100 3 B
420 50 100 2.8
FTY-B100/NPE 440/225 50 100 3.0/1.5 B
440/226 50 100 3.0/1.5
  Model Max. continuous operationl voltage Uc-(V) Impulse current Limp(10/ 350MS) Nominal discharge current (8/20MS)  Voltage protection level Follow current interruting rating Ifi  Max. back-up fuse  Response time Stocking and operating temperature
FTY-125 275V/50/60Hz 25KV 20KA ≤1.8KA 17.5KArms 125AgL ≤100ns -40℃-+70℃



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