High definition wholesale FTYB Series Box Type Substation for Malaysia Factories


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In the past few years, our company absorbed and digested advanced technologies both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our company staffs a team of experts devoted to the development of High definition wholesale FTYB Series Box Type Substation for Malaysia Factories, All the opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! The good cooperation could improve both of us into better development!


Box-type transformer substation is kind of removable pre-installed transformation and distribution device that integrated high-voltage switch, transformer, low-voltage switch as on. It is suitable for mining, industrial enterprises, oil and gas fields, new development zones, construction sites, especially suitable for land-tight urban public power distribution facilities, high-rise building power distribution and transformation, residential quarters, scenic areas, with a advantage of small size, convenient on-site constructing, easy operating, high reliability, good shape and environmental coordination.

This video shows an installation overview for the eGauge meter. Please remember to read the Owner’s Manual and the Configuration Guide and check out our two new installation videos:
Split-Phase Install: https://youtu.be/gNPi2V5jXxY
Three-Phase Install: https://youtu.be/EFikTPK045o
for a more in-depth instruction.


eGauge is an affordable, flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure up to 12 circuits on up to 3-phases (120V−480V, 50−60Hz). Use it to measure and record total building electrical consumption, solar, wind, consumption of individual circuits, such as appliances or geothermal system pumps, and motors.


GE THC3030TTE1R Power Break Circuit Breaker

3000 Amp

120 VAC

Aux. Switch

Bell Alarm

Shunt Trip

MicroVersa Trip PM Trip Unit

Cat: C330LSIGM

Type: TR30B


300 Amp

Draw out cradle


Must Ship on a pallet. Please contact sales@naswgr.com for shipping info.

Each used THC3030TTE1R will be cleaned, tested and backed by our 1 year warranty.

Standard lead time (1-3) days prior to shipping. If item is needed sooner please call or email.

After hours emergency hotline 216-402-0507 or 216-570-2725

NASMC1417 Location: Pallet ( Need Location)

This will direct you to our online store- http://www.naswgr-store.com/products/thc3030tte1r-ge-thc3030tte1r-power-break-circuit-breaker-3000-amp-120-vac-aux-switch-bell-alarm-shunt-trip-microversa-trip-pm-trip-unit-cat-c330lsigm-type-tr30b-tr30b3000-300-amp-draw-out-cradle-thc3030tte1r

Available Cleaned & Tested or Class A Reconditioned in our 7,000 Square Foot “Super Shop”.

Come in for your site visit.

12,600+ low and medium voltage circuit breakers in stock

300,000 square feet on 9 acres

2.5 million loose parts

Hundreds of sections of metal clad switchgear

Circuit breakers, switchgear and associated parts from the 1930′s to 2014.

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Since 1980 we have specialized in circuit breakers, switchgear and associated parts. We actually house this inventory. We do not add fake pictures on our website or web-store. Either we have it or we don’t. If we do not have it we are experts at locating hard to find items. You can always trust in Family Owned and Operated NAS.

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Two generations of pride

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Email- sales@naswgr.com


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