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    Before you call someone to replace your pool light bulb, check the GFI and see if it needs to be simply reset. Sometimes the breaker will be tripped instead. I have gone to numerous pools and simply reset the GFI or breaker.

    For Part 1 of Pool Pump not Working see:
    For part 2 which covers manually priming your pump:
    Clogged Impeller, pool pump not priming:
    Skimmer Weir stuck, pump not priming:
    Pool motor tips, motor burning out:
    Pool Skimmer Weir replacement & Install:
    Pool Water Level, proper water level:
    Repairing a Pump Suction Leak:
    Replacing a Pool Pump Housing Gasket:
    Filter Saver, skimmer inserts:
    Variable Speed Pumps, Dual Speed Pumps, a quick overview:

    Cleaning a Pentair Cartridge Filter & cleaning up your Debt!:
    Pentair 4000 series:
    Cleaning a Hayward Cartridge Filter:
    Backwashing a Sand Filter:
    Backwashing your pool filter:
    Backwash Valve troubleshooting, changing the piston:
    Hayward Mutliport backwash valve troubleshooting:
    Cleaning a D.E. filter Top Manifold (Jandy, FNS, Hayward, Titan) D.E. leaking into pool:
    Installing a Pentair Cartridge Filter (Clean & Clear Plus):

    Pool Heater Tips and troubleshooting:

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    Quicktricity Electrician, Forrest Healey spends some time to explain to you the hazards of certain types of electric service panels. We call these panels “At Risk” electrical panels, and what determines if they are at risk include the age of the panel, if the panel was safely installed, the physical condition of the panel and sometimes even the make of the panel.

    Some Homeowners think that the electric panel in their home was made to last for the life of the home, and this isn’t always the case. As the panel ages it may begin to show signs of wear from the environment that it is installed in or if the cables leading to the meter outside aren’t sealed from the elements. The electric panel is also often installed in a basement of the home where the damp environment can start to take a toll on the panel box, cover, and the breakers themselves.

    Other points that you need to make sure you check to ensure your panel is safe are:
    - Does your panel have an access cover?
    - Does your panel have a main breaker?
    - Is your panel an older panel and if so is it working properly?
    - Does your service panel have corrosion on it?

    Some signs that your electric service panel may be failing or at risk are dimming lights, buzzing noises coming from the panel, popping sounds, heat coming from the panel, and corrosion.

    If you think you have an at risk panel in your home, or you have a panel that is showing some of the symptoms listed above, please call Quicktricity NOW at 800-916-4330 to have one of our Quicktricians inspect it for the safety of your home.

    Quicktricity Electric
    1111 Primrose Ave.
    Camp Hill, PA 17011

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