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MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable in three-phase, four-wire and three-phase five-wire power system with three-phase AC 50 or 60 Hz, rated voltage 660V, rated current ≤ 4000A , for the use of electricity power acceptance and distribution. It is widely used in power plants, substations, factories, mines, high-rise buildings of the power distribution center PC and motor control center MCC.

This product complies with GB7251.1-91, ZBK36001-89, IEC439-1 (1992) standard and passed CCC certificate:

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How to start and run the GP20 in TS 2015-16

December 9, 2015.

This is what I remember from the days way back in the sixties & seventies when I did many cold weather starts on many types of locomotives.

Upon entering the cab of a dead unit;

1. For the ones using the RailDriver controller be sure the reverser is at TDC, auto brake is in suppression, independent is in full and wiper & lights are off. The throttle is dead if the combined script is used.

2. Check that the Engine Run switch and Fuel Pump switch on the control stand are switched on (Up position). Do not turn on the Generator Field switch at this time we will get to that later. Check the throttle lever is in IDLE and the reverser handle is in neutral. In reality that handle should always be removed when not in use.

3. Press the left arrow key for the left hand view then using the mouse swing over to the right Eng. side panel door which is on your left side facing. Unlatch & open the door.

4. There you will see a twin contact Battery Knife Switch. Click on it to close. Pulling the Battery, Lights, Aux Gen & Starting fuses has no effect on the startup procedure on this simulator unit. In reality, the fuse tester switch only tests the light bulb. There is another contact point not shown on this panel which operates by pulling the fuse and touching the knife contacts of the fuse to the contact plate. If the fuse is good (has continuity) the light will shine.

5. Above the fuse tester are the Control, Local Control & Lights circuit breakers. Control & Local Control have to be switched on now. If you wish you may turn on the Lights CB as long as there are no light switches on. Remember this is cold weather starting. You need all the battery power at your disposal. If you decide to turn on the Lights breaker you can close & latch the panel door.

6. Swing over to the Isolation switch and put it in “Start” position then switch on the Fuel Pump circuit breaker and wait for the fuel pressure to build up.

7. Press the Engine Start push button and hold it in until the engine fires. Now that the engine is running, turn the Isolation switch back to “Run”.

8. On your left side of the rear panel turn on the Cab Heater, Engine Heater, Fan 1 & Fan 2 breakers. Above those are the Steps (labelled “Platform”) & Number Lights switches. Turn them on also.

9. Swing back to the control stand. Switch on as required, from right to left, Gauges, Speedometer, Selector & Main Handle Indicating Lights, Auto Unloading and Auto Sander switches.

10. Turn on the headlight, Front or Rear, Dim or Bright and the classification (labelled “SIGNAL LIGHTS”) as required.

11. Now, if your ready to move, switch on the Generator Field commonly known as the GF switch. Without an excited field the generator can’t produce tractive power.

12. Move the Selector Lever to position 1. The selector is like a manual transmission on a vehicle. In electromotive terminology it is transition. The lever has four traction positions, Series, Series Shunt, Parallel & Parallel Shunt. Position 1 is for series (low speed & high torque) through position 4 parallel shunt (high speed & low torque) The B position is for dynamic braking.

The cab light used in the tunnel is turned on & off by pressing the l key.

If the engine was pulling a heavy load the selector would not be used as liberally as in the video.

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