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The FTK1 (GCK1) series is suitable in low voltage distribution systems with AC 50Hz,rated voltages 380 to 660v, for the use of powering, feeding, bus couplering, lighting, motor control and power compensating.

It includes power center (PC) and the motor control center (MCC) function, to meet the use of industrial and mining enterprises, high-level hotels, airports, hospitals power supply, distribution and power control.



FTK1 (1A) (GCK1) Low Volttion Cabinet2

Schematic, construction and pictures:

The 200cm of 0.25mm copper wire got a resistance of 0.619 Ohm, the plasma ball points on the wire was not close enough to each other to form a long plasma discharge as the wire broke up in evenly sized pieces of roughly 3-4cm, which can be seen falling to the ground in the slow motion part.

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