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Technical data

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Tripping characteristic

Exterior and dimensions

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Product illustration:


Technical Data


FTBD-PV miniature circuit-breaker


aadqq111_03 aadqq111_04 aadqq111_05 aadqq111_06

Number of poles





Rated operating voltage (V)

DC 3. 00

DC 600

DC 900

DC 1200

Rated current (A)

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity(KA)




Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV)


Mechanical and   electrical life:


Protection rating



On DIN rail 35mm according to GB/T 19334-2003

Connection capacity:

Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm², Cross-section of busbar from 0.8-2mm²

Ambient temperature (°C)

-25°C ~ +45°C

Altitude (m)


Temperature derating

FTBD-PV Derating of load capability of MCBs
Ambient temperature T (°C)









1.17 In 1.12 In 1.07 In


0.93 In 0.86 In 0.81 In

Tripping characteristic


Connection capacity


Exterior and dimensions


Siemens Indus.Sector LS-Schalter C6A,3pol,T=70,10kA 5SY4306-7
LS-Schalter C6A,3pol,T=70,10kA 5SY4306-7 Auslösecharakteristik C, Polzahl (gesamt) 3, Anzahl der abgesicherten Pole 3, Bemessungsstrom 6A, Bemessungsspannung 400V, Spannungsart AC/DC, Energiebegrenzungsklasse 3, Frequenz 50 … 50Hz, Überspannungskategorie 3, Verschmutzungsgrad 3, Breite in Teilungseinheiten 3, Einbautiefe 70mm, Zusatzeinrichtungen möglich, Schutzart (IP) IP20, Der Leitungsschutzschalter ist der Sicherungsautomat für Kurzschlussschutz. Die Leitungsschutzschalter von Siemens als wichtiger Bestandteil der SENTRON Schutzkomponenten für die Elektroinstallation bieten effektiven Personen- und Anlagenschutz durch sicheres Abschalten im Überlast- und Kurzschlussfall. Ob für Infrastruktur oder für industrielle Anforderungen, Siemens bietet Leitungsschutzschalter für alle Anwendungen und jedes Einsatzgebiet. Die Siemens Leitungsschutzschalter zeichnen sich vor allem aus durch: 1. Effektiven Personen-, Investitions- und Anlagenschutz vor Überlast und Kurzschluss. 2. Einheitliches Zubehör in breiter Vielfalt einfach zu montieren und jederzeit austauschbar. 3. Zuverlässige Sicherheit bei der Installation dank standardmäßig enthaltenem Umgreif- und Berührungsschutz. 4. Werkzeugloses Lösen von der Hutschiene bzw. aus dem Sammelschienenverbund durch komfortable Schieber-Hand-Betätigung. 5. Klar ersichtliche Schaltstellungsanzeige. 6. Datamatrix-Code vorne am Gerät bietet schnell und einfach alle Infos rund um den Leitungsschutzschalter. 7. Normgerechter Schutz mit weltweiten Zulassungen, Herstellerbestellnummer: 5SY43067

Siemens Indus.Sector Miniature circuit breaker 3-p C6A 5SY4306-7
Miniature circuit breaker 3-p C6A Release characteristic C, Number of poles (total) 3, Number of protected poles 3, Rated current 6A, Rated voltage 400V, Voltage type AC/DC, Current limiting class 3, Frequency 50 … 50Hz, Over voltage category 3, Pollution degree 3, Width in number of modular spacings 3, Built-in depth 70mm, Additional equipment possible, Degree of protection (IP) IP20, Manufacturer Order number: 5SY43067

Herstellerbestellnummer / Manufacturer SKU: 5SY43067
EAN: 4001869181912
Automat, Einbauautomat, Hochleistungssicherungsautomat, Installationsautomat, LS-Automat, LS-Schalter, Leitungsschutzschalter, MCB, SENTRON, Sicherungsautomat, Verteilereinbaugerät, Überstromschalter, Überstromschutzschalter

Ron shows you the SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer from IDEAL INDUSTRIES. The SureTrace™ series of tracers can be used to trace wires behind walls, floors, and ceilings in a building. Can be used on energized or de-energized circuits from 0-600 V AC or DC. The very powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver will help you locate cables throughout a building. The tracer is great tool for Electrical, Utility and Maintenance Contractors to find those circuits back to the source.


Hi folks it’s Ron with ideal industries.
Our line of “Best of class” Sure Trace Circuit Tracers just got better…..
Our models 61–955 61–957 and 61–959 are the next generation step in identifying breakers, tracing circuits and troubleshooting issues that much more efficient and reliable.
You can find them on our website and can learn more about where you can purchase them as well.
Effective circuit tracing and breaker and fuse identification is really all about creating a strong broadcast signal and then receiving that signal. By creating a strong broadcast antennae using proper techniques, which are fully explained in the included instruction manual and having a properly calibrated sensitive receiver, pinpointing the conductor of interest and/or its path is quick and accurate. The key to this is three fold. The transmitted signal strength in this unit is much stronger than traditional tracers. The frequency is much higher and therefore passes through barriers such as walls and concrete much more easily. And the receiver resolves 0-99 relative signal strength, not just 5 sequential LED’s that represent 20% jumps in received signal strength you see in other tracers. In fact, moving the receiver just fractions of an inch immediately indicates if you are getting closer to or further from the conductor which is carrying the signal.
To ease your job, the receivers have bigger and brighter OLED displays that are easy to see in all lighting environments and will rotate depending on how you are holding the meter. Information including signal strength, battery level, energized circuit indication, and sensing modes are all displayed simultaneously in the RC-959 model.
These units can be used to trace energized or non-energized cables from 0 to 600 volts AC or DC throughout a building including electrical circuits in breaker boxes, data and other low voltage cables behind walls, above ceilings and in floors. If you need to work on 480 volts phase to phase, you’re good to go. In fact, the transmitter carries a Cat III 600 volt safety rating.
These tracers were designed for behind the wall tracing but the signal is so strong that tracing through concrete and asphalt parking lots for example is quite possible. In fact, the high sensitivity receiver can often help you identify where a partial short caused by a conductor to conductor burn through has taken place even if buried several feet in the ground. Lighting circuits, alarm circuits, doorbell wire, copper pipe, anything that is electrically conductive can transmit the signal ready for you to trace with the receiver!
Whether you are tracing a deenergized datacom cable, a low voltage alarm circuit, a 120 Volt office circuit, 277 volt lighting circuit or a 480 3 phase motor, you’ll be well covered with one simple kit which includes all of the necessary connectors so that you can quickly accomplish your mission.

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