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XJM7-K measuring cabinet (outdoor street lamp measurement control box) is suitable in power supply line with AC 50HZ, rated insulation voltage 660V, rated voltage 380/220v, as energy measurement equipment of residential quarters, villas energy measurement etc.

In line with GB7251.1-1997 and GB7251.3-1997 standards.

3C certificate:


Just below my main breaker (200 Amp) box, on the left pole of the buzz bar there are sparks coming from around the hex nut. Now with all breakers on, if you turn on the A/C unit, it runs for about 5 minutes or so and trips the “Main Breaker”, not the A/C breaker. The other way the main trips, is if a lot of circuits are being used, fans in all rooms, lights, and turn the electric burners on the stove on, it will trip… roughtly after 5 minutes or so. The electricity was just turned on at the house because people are moving in. The electricity has been shut of for about 4 months now due to it being vacant, however, prior to that it was running with no issues. The Electric company came out and declared the meter is good and to call an electricitan. Anyone know my issue? Is this an easy fix?

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