New Fashion Design for XJM7-K Measuring Box (Outdoor Street Lamp Measurement Control Box) Supply to Amman


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With a positive and progressive attitude to customer's interest, our company continuously improves our product quality to meet the needs of customers and further focuses on safety, reliability, environmental requirements, and innovation of
New Fashion Design for XJM7-K Measuring Box (Outdoor Street Lamp Measurement Control Box) Supply to Amman, Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our product, we will give you a surprice for Qulity and Price.


XJM7-K measuring cabinet (outdoor street lamp measurement control box) is suitable in power supply line with AC 50HZ, rated voltage(0-380V), as the street lights control of industrial mine, residential quarters, schools and other buildings. Also can be used for control neon lights , underwater lighting, Street lights on/off time and with leakage protection.

In line with GB7251.1-1997 and GB7251.3-1997 standards.

3C certificate:

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Automatic Carton Folding and Gluing Machine Yong Xiao

The carton folding and gluing machine is able to complete paperboard feeding, folding, gluing, pressing, shaping, and other steps automatically. Thus, the carton making process requires few workers, which helps save land occupation space and also largely improves production efficiency and reduces defective products caused by human factor.

The machine is mainly composed of the vacuum paperboard feeding unit, gluing and folding unit, as well as the counting and stacking unit. Except variable frequency motors, all other motors are all of Taiwain CPG brand. The maximum gluing speed is up to 130m/min and the average speed is 100m/min. The high working efficiency also helps reduce production cost.

Main Technical Specifications

Model QF-2400 QF-2700
Max. paperboard size 900*2200 1200*2500
Min. paperboard size 300*900 300*900
External dimension L11000*W3000*H1600 L12500*W3400*H1600
Equipment weight 6500Kg 7000Kg
Power supply 12KW 380V 50HZ 12KW 380V 50HZ
Paperboard thickness Three/five ply paperboard
Control method PLC touch screen control

Main Three Parts
1. The paperboard feeding unit of the automatic carton folding and gluing machine is applicable for bended cardboard as well. With high grade electromagnetic clutch, the unit can be independently controlled to assure simple and convenient operation. It adopts imported wearing resistant rubber belt for paper delivering.
2. The gluing and folding unit is designed with easy-cleaning stainless steel gluing rollers to assure uniform glue coating and avoid glue waste. The glue quantity can be electrically controlled as well. Meanwhile, the unit comes with a cardboard position correction device, and a paperboard creasing machine with adjustable creasing wheels. It is applicable for cardboards with thickness between 2mm and 8mm. The secondary creasing machine is also available to offer the second time creasing to some paperboards with unqualified creasing at the first time.
3. The counting and stacking unit for the automatic carton folding and gluing machine is digitally controlled, and supports data input without stopping the machine. In addition to automatic, accurate counting function, the unit also offers position correction function. The end products are pneumatically collected, fast and accurate.

Electrical Control System
1. The electrical system design of the machine conforms to European industry standard. The automatic carton folding and gluing machine comes with a color touch screen panel, and is controlled by Panasonic PLC controller, which reveals our user friendly design philosophy and simple equipment operation. The touch screen control panel and PLC controller are available with interfaces for future system upgrading.
2. The main motor speed is variable frequency controlled. The HOLIP VFD ensures smooth and steady motor operation, and helps reduce about 30% electricity consumption. It can also effectively protect the motor. When there is overheat, over current, over voltage, or low voltages conditions, the VFD will send out alarms and stop working. Corresponding alarming codes will also be displayed.
3. The contactors for motor control are all acquired from Siemens, and are additionally mounted with thermal overload relay, so as to protect the overloaded motors.
4. The connection wires are all connected by aviation plugs, assuring convenient maintenance, as well as simple connection and disconnection.
5. The front and rear ends of the automatic carton folding and gluing machine are both designed with operation buttons, allowing operators to operate the machine at either end. Made of stainless steel plate, the operation button panel is aesthetical and durable. With both graphic and text to describe the function of buttons, the button panel is easy to use.

Brand List

Part name Brand
Touch screen Kunluntongtai
PLC Panasonic
Intermediate relay OMRON
Optoelectronic switch Hugong
Switching power supply Mean Well
Thermal overload relay CHINT
Circuit breaker CHINT
Position switch CHINT
Contactor Siemens
Buttons Schneider


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