Newly Arrival Miniature circuit breaker-FTG11 to Spain Factory


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Model: FTG11
Pole: 1P,2P,3P,4P
Rated current (A): 32,63,100
Rated frequency: 50
Rated operational voltage 400
Rated insulation voltage: 690
operating cycles: on-load 1500
off-load 8500
Rated short-time connecting capacity conduction time:0.1s 30Ie
Rated short-time withstand current conduction time:1s 20Ie
Rated connecting and breaking capacity 3Ie
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 4
Usage category: AC-22A
 Connecting wire: 6/50
Size: 1P 74.2×17.8×80
2P 7507×3506×80
3P 7507×53.4×80
4P 75.7×71.2×80

  • Test set up with an overhead line to a 20 Amp MCB protected piece of 1.5 mm² TPS cable.
    Later the MCB was bypassed to see what happened.
    The 1.5mm² TPS overheated rapidly and burnt out.
    A bolted short was made on the OH line.
    The overhead line 2.5mm² overheated rapidly and the pvc insulation melted as well as the line sagged.
    At the end of the video an other piece of 1.5mm² TPS cable was used again.

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